What did you just call me?

oldest brother always called me Pat Babes
my dad called me Ace
and to my mom…it was Patrick…but if she was pissed…it was always [I]Patrick Joseph, get yer arse out here!



my family - foofs (kinda haunts me now especially as some idiot made it a slang word for vagina) lmao that was after that was just my cutesy name lol poochie mouse - my dad, joanne/jo - everyone else

my dad calls me Queen or whiskey-coo-coo or his best girl. …aw now I am missing my dad.:frowning:

my mum doesn’t have a nick name for me she doesn’t believe nor like it when people use nicknames.

my husband calls me sweetie, sexy, beautiful, gorgeous, moron or fucking bitch depending on the mood :24:

my friends used to call me halsa hair…i had great hair and their was a shampoo called that.:24:

nothing much really… best ones are my dads.:nod:

my bro called me Amypops… popsie… popseigirl.

I never had any… Everyone just called me Dane or Dana