What do you do when you're super crabby?


So today has just not been good at all.

I woke up with that shitty dream and all day long my sisters two oldest kids have been just horrible. Time out does not seem to be doing its job and neither does yelling…lol well that rarely works…unless it’s my kids.

So since it’s now naptime in my house, and even though my sisters kids aren’t asleep they are on ignore right now. They know they are not to be playing, talking, or moving around at naptime so I decided as long as I don’t hear em then whatever.

I decided while they are napping I am making cupcakes. So they are in the oven right now. I’m going to attempt to make double decker cupcakes…so in otherwords just two layers to em.

But what things do you do when you’re crabby?

Typically I tell the kids it’s quiet time and I want no noise at all. So I’ll say quiet time for 10 minutes for example.

Or I game after they go to bed but I haven’t been doing much of that lately.

Today I just felt like baking may help…I hope so.

UGH I’m just so cranky…


Sorry to hear about the bad day you’re having :frowning:


I will usually find a project to work on away from everyone usually outside. I have cut a lot of lawns & split a lot of firewood while in a bad mood.


shey get over here with me and we can be crabby together!


You’re super ‘crabby’

Well firstly I’m going down the clinic after what we did in the dungeon

Secondly I just call someone I love and they make me better in 5


[quote=“Tyler Durden, post: 1098010”]You’re super ‘crabby’

Well firstly I’m going down the clinic after what we did in the dungeon

Secondly I just call someone I love and they make me better in 5[/quote]



I am hoping to start a garden of flowers in my front yard this year. BUT it will only be depending on if I can do it right. I’m not just gonna plant the seeds and let it go.

I want to line the dirt with plastic to keep weeds to a minimum, get some sod or rocks, then pick the right colors and types…blah blah…lol and i dont know crap about what goes best with what. And I’m to busy to research it yet.

Also I would love to spend my days outside, but with kids that don’t listen IE my sisters kids, who seem to run off if my head is turned for even 30 seconds. lol

I’m so to the point of being ready to be done with doing this for my sister. BUT I said I was going to do it til my kids start school.

It just gets to be stressful sometimes.


UGH it must be a day for the crazies to be crabby? :24:


we can be the crazy crabbies! :24::24:


Keeping up with someone else’s kids is such a responsibility. I never was good at babysitting. Now if I could take my kids fishing or to the park or the zoo it was all good.




now thats pretty funny


So you’re saying that we should eat the crabs away?


:smiley: I agree lol

Oh yea if I can get my kids out and about…heck even at home and outside they are good. Most cases of course.

You totally just got some rep!


My kids never realized how good they had it until they got older. While my kids were little they had a big wood swingset to play on, a trampoline and a swmming pool. If an adult could go outside with them they would pretty much entertain themselves other than needing a judge for stunts or dives. :smiley:


So while I was starting to frost my double decker cupcakes I realized it’s going to be to messy for me lol. So I’m not doing the two layered cupcakes. HAHA

WHICH means I’m just going to have a LOT of cupcakes.


Well one thing that makes me happy again. Is to get online here. Find a newb and just verbally beat the piss outta him!:smiley:


BAH Im feeling crabby too (its FW 's fault)

So… you can be sp-ongebob and i can be Patrick… FW can be squiddward


I call him Springsteen

Northern gravy muncher lol ;):24:


when i’m crabby i clean, or watch a good movie to take my mind off it.