What do you MEAN I'm not going to die?

LONDON (Reuters) - A British man who went on a wild spending spree after doctors said he only had a short time to live wants compensation because the diagnosis was wrong and he is now healthy – but broke.
John Brandrick, 62, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer two years ago and told that he would probably die within a year.
He quit his job, sold or gave away nearly all his possessions, stopped paying his mortgage and spent his savings dining out and going on holiday.
Brandrick was left with little more than the black suit, white shirt and red tie that he had planned to be buried in when it emerged a year later that his suspected “tumor” was no more than a non-life threatening inflammation of the pancreas.

   "When they tell you you've got a limited time and everything, you do enjoy life," Brandrick, from Cornwall in the west of England, told Sky television.
   "I'm really pleased that I've got a second chance in life... but if you haven't got no money after all this, which is my fault -- I spent it all -- they should pay something back."
   If he can't get compensation, he is considering selling his house or suing the hospital that diagnosed him. The hospital has said that while it sympathizes with Brandrick, a review of his case showed no different diagnosis would have been made.


Now that’s funny in a sad kinda way…

Damn…I’d do the same thing he did, then I’d sue the hell out of everybody. Just for the mental anguish of knowing you’re gonna die. I’d probably even claim temporary insanity when I was doing all the spending. I don’t know how England works, but I bet he’d win in America.

this is one more reason to get a second opinion

It is a funny story, I have seen it on Sky news. You kind of feel sorry for the bloke, he gave everything away to charity shops and sold all the rest of his stuff.

The NHS must be held responsible for what has happened as he has now got to sell his house as he has nothing left.

He even paid for his own funeral!

No kidding.

He should be compensated in some way, since it was the medical establishment’s fault and not his.

Hah…the gods had a good laugh there, eh?

Don’t think he’d get any compo here, we haven’t got such a sue-you mad mentality here though we are getting worse. If he was treated on the NHS it’s his own fault because everyone knows the’re always screwing up. I’d just got bankrupt if I was him, be glad you’re not going to die and enjoy the memories of your spending spree. I’m sure he could make some money selling his story to newspapers and magazines.:smiley:

I heard there is a guy in india that has been laying in a grave for the last 6 years waiting to die…he dug his grave right after his wife died and now he’s just waiting…the only other thing this guy does is pick the weeds out

wow that kinda does suck. I wonder if hes happy hes not gonna die now?

Well he shouldn’t have spent all his money, he should have gotten a second opinion. Also you never know how tumors are gonna turn out, they might kill you, however sometimes they go away.