What Do You Value Most in a Relationship?


This does not necessarily have to be specified to romantic relationships. For example, I value honestly the most for intimate relationships and friendships.


What I value the most in any kind of relationship is integrity. Say what you mean and mean what you say. i like people who keep their words and promises. Also I value loyalty and commitment. Don’t do anything behind my back.


I recently got out of a relationship where communication with the other partner was terrible. I am pretty confident that I did everything that I could in order to make it work, but she didn’t put any effort in at all. Of course, you could say that I am biased in this situation, and you’re right. However, I still think that based on what people told me it was mostly her fault that we were not able to maintain the relationship.


In a relationship, I value honesty. Also, the person has to know how to communicate. With communication and honesty comes trust…and that is honestly the biggest factor to me in any relationship.


I would have to say that open communication and honest dialogue are the most important things to me, so I would say that I value those the most. I think that it is important to be able to be honest with each other, and that means talking to each other about everything. Just lay it out there and deal with it. The less secrets that people have the better. It is easier said than done but it can be accomplished.


Relationships are based on exchanges of feelings, communications and acts. I suppose, I like a relationship where I get what I give. I don’t want to be in one sided relationships and friendships. I’m a pretty giving person and kind of a gabber so being able to have some conversations that have meaning and sometimes no meaning is pretty important.


For me trust is the most important part of a relationship. There are many other factors beside, but without trust a relationship is wasted time.


Loyalty. Because when you have loyalty, you have every other positive trait. They don’t have to have good communication skills, since I imagine I won’t at the time. Actual love is a guarantee. I don’t want anyone who just “let’s themselves go”. Mainly because if you let yourself go than you might be going straight to a cemetery next. It drives me batty. It always will.


I really value honesty and loyalty in relationships. I would rather hear harsh truth from you rather than hear your beautiful lies. And if you were a close friend or a lover, I would definitely expect loyalty from you, and rest assured that I would be faithful to you as well.


When it comes to romantic relationships, I value honesty and loyalty the most. I prided myself on how loyal and honest I am to my loved ones. When it comes to my husband he knows how much being honest mean to me. I don’t care if what he has to say is going to hurt my feelings, I want him to be completely honest. I can get over something that will hurt my feeling more than being lied too. If I ask him a question I want him to be completely honest. We don’t tell each other everything but I really want him to know that he can tell me anything and if he asked me my opinion I will be honest with my answers. I think that is what he loves most about me. I don’t sugar coat things and I tell it as it is. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to be extremely harsh but he knows I will speak my mind. Without honesty there can never be a true and health relationship. When it comes to loyalty I want him to be loyal to me as I am loyal to him. I would never cheat or stray and I know that he would never do the same.


Loyalty. I’ve had my fair share of betrayals to know that being in a relationship means being faithful and committed.


These are what I value most in a relationship:

  1. Loyalty. If we’re talking about couples, I think being loyal emotionally and physically is something that I strive for and I do hope that my other half is the same.

  2. Honesty. With any relationship, we would like someone who can tell us if we have lettuce in our teeth, or if our breath stinks. The truth hurts but it sometimes feel nicer to hear them from the one we love than from other people. Of course, I’m talking about more things than just lettuce or stinky breath.;p

  3. Priority. I think I’d want to feel like I’m important to that person. More than anything else, I’d want to feel like I’m not just a schedule. I want to be a part of his life and not just another task to get over with.

  4. Security. I’d want to be in a relationship that makes me feel loved and secured. A relationship that I feel like I’m safe and not judged at all.


What I value most in a relationship with my family, friends, neighbors and colleagues is honesty, sincerity, punctuality and being valued.

I do not forget my friends or family members birthdays and I would not like mine to be forgotten. I am honest in my dealings with them and expect the same in return. I value them so much I would not want to hurt their feelings and don’t expect to be treated like trash either.


I value mutual respect, when we have the capacity to see what is important to our partner and respect that and even help to make it happen. Basically mutual respect and independence.


Trust and respect.
Truly believe these are the foundations of ANY relationship .
When i say trust i also mean loyalty too…as in you have trust for someone because you offer trust, and vice versa.
As soon as doubts are introduced into a relationship it slowly destroys it.


I value communication skills. I feel that is the most important part of a relationship. If you cannot communicate with your partner your relationship is doomed.


I value integrity, honesty, respect, honor, intelligence and most of all humor. I value a person’s love his/her fellow human being, his/her country, and love for God. I guess, these qualities must begin with me to keep the relationship mutual and trustworthy.


Loyalty and commitment is what I value. If we are in a relationship, then let’s put in the time and the effort. Let’s share our hopes and dreams in a safe place that neither of us will violate or exploit in a moment of anger. I also love humor, strength, clarity of goals and passion!


4 things:

Support/Compassion: If I’m going through shit or my partner/friend is, I want to know that I can rely on them to help me and I want to be able to reliably help them. Without that support and understanding the relationship is pointless

Intelligent Discussion: Whether it be politics, philosophy, science, or just general life, and whether it be conversation, debate, or just mutual agreement I need someone who is willing to discuss ideas, and if necessary, debate them. I’d rather have a relationship with someone who disagrees with me and is ready to present a good argument than someone who just agrees with everything I say no matter what they actually believe.

Openness: I like people who are open, eccentric, quirky, and interested in expanding their horizons. The status quo can get boring pretty quick so I want a partner who always keeps me on my toes, and one who is okay with me doing the same. Honesty is also a big part of this. I HATE being lied to, especially about big things. If I can’t trust someone then I can’t have a relationship with them, plain and simple.

Humor: Goes as part of openness I suppose, but yeah, definitely need a good sense of humor

A few other things here obviously, but those are the main ones


What I value most in a relationship with a friend? Is the person a true friend…someone who’ll be there for me just like I’d be there for the friend.