What do you worry about?


I wonder what people here personally worry about?

We all have our political opinions, many people worry about the environment etc. But I wonder what you worry about?

Are you worried about future career prospects? Are you worried about your own financial security in the future? What is on everyone’s mind? Appearance? Relationships?

Personally, I worry about applications for placement in the financial services sector.


They’re easy to get once you get yourself on the ladder the first time.


I’m hoping my work and experience in a top accounting/auditing might set me apart from candidates. Although I don’t want into either of those sectors.


Only thing I am worried about.

I’m pretty pleased with my average look!

Could absolutely care less. After experiencing shit in the past and now seeing the same shit constantly with my friends and others, I have no care in the world for ever getting into another one. Could change, maybe(doubt it). But I’m gonna focus on myself and my own future. At this time, that future includes no one else.

I’ve been thinking over my choices with regards to my career and what I hope to achieve. I have several dreams, or options, I would like to pursue. They call it dreaming or wishing for a reason and I don’t feel they will become real. I just hope I’ve made the right choice and I’m headed in the right direction. I always try to have a plan and work towards that, but I’ve now found it to be easier to just go with the flow and see where this all takes me.


For banking? Probably not, but then that depends which sector of banking.

Most people aiming for a high-earning career such as medicine, banking, dentistry, accountancy and law already do work experience of some sort beyond some kind of evening job, so it won’t set anyone apart. But it’s the skills you learn and the people you know that is important.

Thousands of people do banking work experience every year and even that isn’t enough to set anyone apart, however, if you enter once you’ll be picked up by someone along the line. Your life isn’t set but it’s had a big boost and you can work your way up from there. On my internship I’ve had people who started as low as working at a branch (post-crisis) and who are now into upper third of six figures.

They’re not that different honestly. You’ll meet more energized and interesting people in banking but both are just as boring yet earning the same.

Out of interest where did you go?


I want to go into banking. I currently have a permanent job at Grant Thornton reviewing draft financial statements alongside my Finance degree. So, as you can imagine, I have a lot of experience going through annual reports and financial statements of companies. I’ve worked on a number of pretty big companies.

I think it’s the critical thinking, attention to detail, and maths skills, all interview talking points, which means the jobs can link in a fashion. Also the reference from a company like that is worth something.

Yeah. I agree. It’s all about getting that initial leap which opens doors.


What sector are you interested in pursing after the military, or are you looking to rise through the ranks?


i do my best to live in the moment and not fret about the past or worry about the future. i was involuntarily retired many years ago and i collect a disability check that covers my overhead, but very little more. in order to live comfortably , i need to earn at least $500/mo, which i do peddling stone and making noise in public with my horns.

my only worries for the future are what i will do when i’m no longer able to take the horn out busking or lose function in my hands from arthritis or something.


Well, I’ve always wanted to do politics. In 2014, I interned for the Democrats during the mid term elections. I don’t think I could ever succeed in that area. But I will most likely study criminology and get into law enforcement. I want to go to Ireland once my contract is up and maybe join the Gardaí. I’ve contacted Sinn Fein and joined their international organization and we’ll see what happens. But like I said, I’m going with the flow. I’ve enjoyed my Navy career so far and it could make it a career, retire at 38-40 years old and live very comfortably. But the main thing for me now, is serving and getting my education knocked out. And that is the main priority for me. A lot can happen in 5 years so we will just have to see.


Being deported

Even though I was born in the UK


Do you have indefinite leave to remain?


That’s better than 90% tbf.

I only have a perm job at a local bookkeeper doing Acc&Finance so you’re a long way ahead of me that way. I did go to JP and Lloyds though.

What’s your official position at Grant?

Since it’s not in the B4 you will definitely face people not knowing what it is (particularly if they’re continental) but the job position itself on a CV should be fine. I don’t think DB / BNP / CB / Nomura / CA will know what that is.

Wouldn’t say that’s part of banking though. Loosely maybe, and the skills (attention to detail etc) are, but not it by itself. Maybe as a trader or hedge fund analyst but that’s not what most people associate with banking. Not really connected in any way to private, commercial or investment banking. (making a safe assumption you’re not interested in retail or trade)

Yeah they’re all good things to bring up, even better if you can get specific examples at work.

I’d agree, but out of interest, do you want to get one from a higher position or from someone who knows you best at work, like your mentor?

Two schools of thought and I can never decide between each.

Also if you haven’t already I’d encourage you to sign up to efinancialcareers and roam around their forum boards a little too, especially good for searching for closed-recruitment work experience or internships that aren’t advertised elsewhere. Many people go to top firms. It’s especially good if you want private rather than commercial or investment banking, as almost everyone aiming in that direction is wrapped up by Coutts or UPS.


Well I was born here and have a British passport so I guess so

But if a far right government comes in I don’t think they’ll particularly care


I thought this too, but it’s actually surprisingly not true. Undergraduates, and people not in the financial services sector, have never heard of Grant Thornton, realistically. However, I know people working in different industries, people working in the financial services sector do know who GT is. I hadn’t heard of GT until I got the job, but people working in these industries know. Although, to be fair, I don’t know anyone working in the above banks.

On the side of investment banking, I would have to disagree. Understanding a company is really important, and whether that is a public company or a starter company can differ for this, it’s generally good to be able to have a good understanding of what is essentially the single most important information about a company.

Plus I get free training in things like anti-money laundering etc.

I’d say getting one from my manager would be best. I’ve been in the job long enough (7 months) to not really have a mentor anyone, but generally mentor other people.

It is really difficult to decide, but when you’re putting down on your application how this person is related to you, you’re going to want to put down “Manager” rather than “Colleague”. I’ve pre-warned my manager about future applications, and I’ll tell her what companies I’m applying to so as to tailor the reference, and we have a really good dynamic going on, so I chose her easily. However, if you’re manager is an asshole, don’t be afraid to choose the other.

I certainly haven’t approached the Office Manager or Division Manager about it though.

Thanks! I’ll certainly have a look! It’s really difficult finding companies to apply to. I’ve been researching a broad range of companies, and unsurprisingly no hedge funds have placement year opportunities.

Trust me, you’re already on the ladder. So many people on my degree still don’t read the news. I swear to God, I was the only person who was able to name Mark Carney with his picture. I’ll not name my university, but it’s fairly reputable so it was a big shock for me.

I’d rather not disclose here, sorry.


Long-term financial stability and short-to-medium term jobs for entry into long-term careers. That’s pretty much all I worry about when I do worry about things nowadays. Beyond that, nothing really. I’m generally quite a laid back person, which can unfortunately be detrimental at times.


Lol who? Conservative party would never be able to do that, Nigel Farage couldn’t either.

BNP rising from the grave?


Being stuck in a situation that I don’t enjoy and cannot escape from.

like being in my mid 40s, stuck at some cubicle desk job from 9-5 performing some mind numbing task, realizing that i’ll end up doing the same damn thing for 30 more years then die

i strongly doubt i’ll end up with such a life, but the idea is fucking terrifying to me


Short term? Being forced out of uni by external circumstances before I’m a fully qualified engineer,

Long term worries? Safe place to live with a family once climate change really kicks in


pick up a hobby now that you enjoy that has earning potentials and get good at it while you are putting in your time at that mind numbing cubicle job long enough to either build a good nest egg or qualify for a pension, so that you can retire early , living comfortably off the pension and earnings from the hobby turned business.


that’s an interesting long term worry that deserves it’s own thread. some 90% of humanity is living within 50 miles of the seashore or an inland waterway and if there’s a lesson for preppers to be learned from harvey, is that if your domicile isn’t submersible or capable of floating, you will lose it.