What do you worry about?


I’m worried about sinking into boredom and monotony.


Waking up at night with maggots squriming out the pores of my face and the inevitable apocalypse.


Everything :frowning:


Totes agree. Best to stick to our career and anyone else can hitch for the ride or just be another character in the book of our lives.

I worry about being nothing. And I quote Horace “Pulvis et umbra sumus”. We are but dust and shadows. I worry that I’d leave no mark on the world. Kind of vain in a way. But it would be nice to know that I’m not just another generic human that will be swallowed up by time and progress. That at least, in my life time, I’d like to achieve something and experience life to the maximum rather than fade away into the shadows and be nothing more than someone who just lived.


A depressing thought. And the reality of it is something I’ve been contemplating a lot lately. While it will suck never leaving a legacy behind, I’d be dead. So who gives a fuck? :joy:


See, it isn’t about when I’m dead. But when I’m alive, I’d like to think that I’ve done something, you know. Change lives or at least when I’m at my death bed I’d go and think “yup I’m satisfied”.


I just don’t care whether or not I would be satisfied because I just don’t think it matters.


Because you’d be dead, that’s your reasoning, yes? I guess I believe that I don’t want to end up as nothing. Even if I’m not there, I want something substantial to remind myself or others, that I had existed some point in time. Because who’d say we existed at all, then?


One thing I worry about is being at the end of my life and wishing that I had done more with my life.


That’s one of my biggest fears.


I worry about dissapointing my mum.

She brought me up, herself, since I was 13 years old. I put her through a lot of stuff :sweat_smile:
She deserves the best son there is.


I should have know you were an engineer! You have the personality for it :joy:
Thats not a dig. My grandpop was an engineer… and so was a good friend of mine.


I live in the US. My parents work labor intensive jobs. I worry about their health. Their employers don’t provide medical insurances and it’s way too expensive to get proper healthcare on their own or on a as-needed basis. Although I feel like I’m growing and maturing year by year, I can see that my parents are aging at a faster pace.

I’m planning to immigrate to Australia this year and bring my parents over in a couple of years once I’m settled. I do have faith that America will improve in areas it obviously lacks but I’m not patient enough to wait until my parents get sick.


Sounds very scary. I hope it all goes well for you. Do your parents know that you want them to come to Australia after a few years?


Yeap. My parents are scared for me moving so far alone but I think its an exciting opportunity. They offered to move with me but I just don’t want them to deal with the stress of settling in a new country all over again especially since they’re not so young anymore (my parents immigrated to the US when they were younger). Hope it all goes well!


I’m sure it will. It sounds very exiciting :slight_smile:

Also, when I said it was scary, I meant your parents not being able to afford medical treatment was scary, not the move :no_mouth:


OH HAHA. Yes, it’s a very scary thought that one day you may be sick and can’t do much about it to get the help you need to recover…