What Email service do you use?

I’ve been using Yahoo Mail.

Hotmail. I have MSN you see.

Hotmail also

I have Hotmail also for Windows Live Messenger purposes.

GMAIL, because it’s awesome.

I use our ISP for personal mail and Hotmail for everything else.


Bah…there was a topic all about this like not even a month ago I think.

I use yahoo, hotmail, and gmail. I mainly use gmail anymore, but the hotmail and yahoo ones are older email accounts that I still use for some things.

I use hotmail and thats it really, did have a gmail account but never use it

I use yahoo for personal e-mails. We have our own e-mail system at work that I use for official business type crap. :wink:

Gmail. To go with my Gphone. And my Gcar. Erm, scratch that last one


woot found it

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