What happened to Gina?

Dana’s sig says “We’ll miss you Gina”. Did she die?

I thought you posted in the thread about it???

Gina (user name gLing) passed away last week.

Here’s the original post…the original thread was moved to VIP since most of the people who knew her here are VIPs and it cut out the drama that was being brought in that was defiling her thread.

[quote=“juggler, post: 1076470”]She was a member here for a while, but hasn’t posted for some months. Don’t know if she kept in touch with anyone here, but this is for those who were her friends.

Gina passed away last night due to heart failure, resulting from an infection that attacked the lining and one of the valves of her heart.


sighs He did post about this already.

[quote=“Ryder, post: 1081753”]Dana’s sig says “We’ll miss you Gina”. Did she die?[/quote]ey little man. If you already know. then why would you start a thread. Go to the PW if you want to get your count up.

omg…this is the first time I’ve heard of this and I’m shocked and saddened :frowning: ugh. Gina was such a great person.