What happened to the music thread?


Seriously, what happened to the music thread? If anyone wants to reboot it her then I’m all for that. It was fun but I’d like to see it continued.


Here’s a start to it


Now I’m hearing Melanie C with Turn To You. It’s a dance song from the early 2000s.

I like modern dance music because of the upbeat rhythm. If I’m having a good day, listening to dance music makes me feel even better.

And if I’m having a bad day, dance music often lifts my spirits.


I like present day move music due to the playful cadence, on the off chance that I am having a decent day, tuning in to move music improves me feel even…



Now I’m hearing Katy Perry with E.T.

Their’s a lot of songs from her that I like. But E.T. is my favorite, in part because I was listening to that song a lot during my vacation along the east coast of the U.S in 2011. It brings back good memories.


Rihanna with Pon Da Replay is what I’m hearing now.