What happened to the smilies?


werent there alot more?


there is the same amount there has always been?? lol… we have a smiley album too.


Re: RE: what happened to the smilies?

oh maybe thats what i was thinking …i went to get one and it wasnt on the regular emoticons when you post something


Hmmm, I dunno, there’s always been this many since I joined here.


I have added about 20+ smilies in the last week to the album. Alot of them are dirty. http://www.offtopicz.com/forums/smilies_mod/upload/fcc2b61ff8bf8ec3feb00e185eafd3ec.gif


where is this smiley album

EDIT: and how many damn posts do i need to lose my newb status!?!?! :fu


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Thats where it is. :slight_smile:

as for your status, joe put it like that… I think the next one is Yep still, still a newbie or some shit like that.


damn, i need to take more time looking for things. I seriously have no attention span. I made it to album and stoped looking for “smiley album”

Yep, Im still a newb. Thats my title now, what post count is the next step?


I know, I was wondering that too.

Then again I don’t have THAT many posts anyways.


it all works outin the end


Easy for you to say there mister “I’m a really experienced member”. :smiley:


I was the really experienced member first!


I still have the bigger online penis


Re: RE: what happened to the smilies?



Life too don’t be misconstrued


Re: RE: what happened to the smilies?



:fu this is not 6 inches buddy…I don’t care what you think


Re: RE: what happened to the smilies?

who ever said a number?


youdon’t need to I read minds