What im doing w/my saturday night

im listening to the music on my myspace profile, trying to figure out the lyrics.

Sounds like your having about as much fun as me! :frowning: Im tired as hell though.

yeah. maybe sleep is for the best. boredom is killing me.

still can’t figure out the lyrics

I had fun

what’d you do saturday, chris?

party in a field on a farm with a bonfire and a keg

Sounds great!:slight_smile:

One of the guys I work with had his daughters 1st birthday party. So we naturally all went over, got drunk, BBQ’d, and played poker.

A 1 year old girl was getting drunk on her birthday!:eek :wink:

its time to figure out what to do next saturday

sacrifice a goat sony-style to Saturn, god of good times

I like your style