What is Gmail and what do I do with it?


Can someone please explain that to me??


I have no idea steed


Well thanks Mike…FOR NOTHING!!! HAHAHA! :booze


It’s the new Google E-mail. I guess it’s good. :dunno


I have it, all the cool kids are using it these days… It also gives you 1000 Megabytes of storage.


it can’t be that cool if Booze isn’t using it.



Booze > everyone

Are you flaming douchebag over at fordmuscle yet?


no not yet, haven’t had the time


hay Booze … YOU THE MAN … why arent you using it :lol


I have it, and i have invites if you want it, huge store email, i use it all the time to for college, floppys are too small, and i just emial everything to myself from my school email to that so when i get home, BAM!


Dang SPENIS what you save you need that much room for heheheh you can look at Porno all day and all day you aint gotta save all of it :lol :lol :smiley:


I use www.iwon.com because it puts me in a daily 10K drawing, a weekend drawing and an annual drawing. :smiley: taps head dumb like a fox.


what you think you gona be like Nossie hehehehe :lol


well i am famous, you know im in a a bunch of files, im not allowed to like myself?


Aww…i want g-mail :tard


Well if you say please :smiley: jk on my way to class, when im done ill send one over.


Or you can get it here… http://isnoop.net/gmail/ I just did it


Spanks Spenis :tard


stanger did you get it already or should i send one over? just need a current email from ya if you didnt.