What is more powerful - emotions or reason


What do you believe determines people’s beliefs and actions more - emotions or reason? Hume was famous for saying that reason is the “slave of passion” and I’m inclined to agree with him, our emotions tend to dictate to our thoughts more than the other way around. It’s hard imagining lots of people as their ideological opposites because their emotions and personality are too different from the ideology to support it.


As a whole it is probably emotion. Though I am sure it varies on an individual level.


I’ve said this before, but reason only defines how to get from A to B.
Emotion dictates what the destination or goal is.


I feel emotions are probably more powerful. I feel like emotions drive people further. Either negatively or positively, emotions drive people.


Depends on what the issue at hand is. For most people when it comes to financials, retirement or career then reason wins over emotion.

Emotions definitely win on relationships.

Everything else is probably in-between.


I agree with you, totally. I think emotions always wins out. Even in reason, there’s always a large amount of emotions that are placed in making the ‘logical reason’. For example, if it’s a sign says ‘do not go there because there’s a fire’ well, there’s an amount of fear in regards to getting burned and feeling immense pain, that goes into following that sign so that you won’t go there. Even in financial matters, the driving emotion are usually for comfort and security or for greed or desperation. Dale Carnegie has always said ‘when dealing with humans, we are dealing with creatures of emotions’ and that very well sums up how we are made.


Both, but emotion is both faster and stronger in terms of priority in the brain, humans by nature(HUMAN NATUUUUUURE) are prone to favour irrationality to rationality, the backfire effect which we sometimes witness on the forum is an example of that

*Backfire effect is when you logically prove someone wrong with definitive evidence and it strengthens their beliefs. The reason being is the person feels attacked, the attacking being on their identity …in other words idpol infests all politics and not just what many have labeled to be exclusively idpol


Emotions. Without emotion we would be mindless robots without a cause or objective. So in the end you could say that out emotions drive our reasoning.



The ability to reason is what separates homo sapiens from every other living organism.


No. Metaphorically.


Emotion dictates our immediate needs; it is a basic survival instinct. However, as we have evolved as a society rational decision-making and long-term planning have become more important. Unfortunately, our brains have yet to catch up. So yes, emotion is the more powerful one, but that doesn’t mean it should be


Emotion in the short term, reason in the long term. Look at gun control in the USA for a good example. Reasonable people don’t want to change the constitution, unreasonable (emotional) people do.