What is the best show ever?

What is the best show ever??


brother & sisters

Personally I would say ER mainly because it’s never jumped any major sharks, and been consistent for 14-15 years. Great show, and finishes this week!

House, I really like Hugh Laurie. :smiley:

The Shield or the Sopranos. :smiley:


The Colbert Report. shrugs I don’t watch much else.

I enjoy southpark, on other days two and a half man, house, basically whatever is on

Terminator The Sarah Conner Chronicles

Law and Order SVU



Ghost Whisperer is cool

My family is good, wasn’t as funny when /nick left it but still makes me laugh:popcorn2:

The Simpsons

followed closely by

The Young Ones

Two and a Half men is awesome, I love that as a guy show, I got into it during the fall :24:

House and Desperate Housewives

24 or Monk, possibly Psych.

Dead Like Me


TV Action: The Shield
Cable: Sopranos
Global: The Office (brittish style) & The Youngs Ones

csi miami

the first 48

brothers and sisters