What is there to do in Windsor?


My boss wants to go to Canada when he turns 21 (even though he really doesn’t need to…) in June sometime to drink, smoke cubans and hit up the strip joints. He asked me if I wanted to go, and I’m like hell yeah. I’ve been to Detroit right across the channel, but I want to hit up Canada this year as well as Chicago for the cubs game (they won, 8-7) and Indy in August for the ITB.

Is anyone around Windsor or know the area pretty well? Mike?

I was asking a coworker who just went a month ago and she told us it’d be fun as shit, but i need to get some details on places to go.

Can I use American money or will I need to exchange it all? Where can I get cuban cigars?


Windsor is a perty town. It’s a few hours away from me so I don’t get there much.

You know you don’t have to be 21 to drink or go to strip clubs and stuff here? The legal age is 19, eh. :smiley:

You can buy teh cuban cigars anywhere dude. We are cool with Cuba here. My buddy is getting married in Cuba next Jan. We are all going.

I’ll see if I can get you some better info on the hottest bars qand stuff.


Yeah I know you only have to be 19 but he doesn’t want to go until june which is when he turns 21 anyway.

But Thanks in advance for any info you can get me. I’ll be looking around online as well.


any more info there Mikemang?

I dunno if I’ll be able to go because he wants to go on the 10th and my buddies wedding is on the 25th… but I’ll try to go.