What is your forum personality?

haha this is soooo funny and true. which one are you?
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Evil Clown, all the way. LOL

Lvl 5 Necromancer Duelist

I hate life lol jk

dude nick you so didnt get it : / lol

lol i loave it, still looking for me though;)

Yeah well I have a lvl 37 barbarian. His battle axe has a lvl 7 lightening elemental and +5 piercing damage.

wtf!!! is that even english?

O_o … i feel ive awoken something most sinister- MMORPG stats

oh jesuse mmoprgaXZLKJDF whatever…storms out

Hardcore Gamer… haha

I just had an empifamy?? (sp) whole different thread i know, btu i come to realize after readdinf all the fourm characters i most fit the JERK!

LOL Fuggin jerk!

i wanted the clown , but id idnt want to be coalled a copy cat, so im contemp with jerk:)


wow, uo, eq, rs, gw, lotro.

probally perv. i dunno :ninja

big cat/bong… lol… just becasue … lol

I seem to be quite a few of those… way too hard to choose just one. haha