What is your height?




1,83 meters.

The imperial system sucks.


Idk exactly, I believe its either 5"11’ or 6"0’, but I firmly hope it’s the latter.


6’ 3"


I’d say “damn boy”, but that’s now reserved for @First_Order.


Even though I’m the tallest person in my family, I’m only 5 foot 10 inches tall.


5’8" lol.


6’ 2" and still growing. My shoe is size 14. That’s like 82.1 kilos or stones in the metric system or whatever. Do y’all in Britain use feet and inches?


For animal-human height, yes


Oh you silly brits and your quaint little measurement system and tiny aircraft carrier and invisible constitution


Except we use metric and Celsius for pretty much everything else.

Niqqa there ain’t a need for a codified constitution

Mfw I think all our aircraft carriers have been decommissioned.


5"11 still growing

Size 11 feet


I think I’m 5"11, I may have pushed 6"0 but I don’t know without actually measuring myself.

Size 9 1/2 feet.


5’9", but I’m only 15, so I probably have a little bit left in me


A friend of mine thinks I’m more like 5 foot 11, because I’m three inches taller than he is. Hence, he wants me to be 5 foot 11 so that way he can think that he’s 5 foot 8, as opposed to what his true height is (5 foot 7).


6 foot 1 inches.