What is your morning routine?


I set-up my coffemaker the night before.
After hitting the snooze a few times I turn on the TV news.
I will go to the coffee around 5:45.
I pour a cup for my wife and myself.
I bring the coffee to my wife and wake her.
Some days I will lay back in the bed a few minutes others I head to the shower.
I feed the cats before leaving and prepare my lunch most days.
I am usually in my office around 7 am.


I hit snooze twice. – 600 to 615
I get up and get in the shower. – 620 to 630
I blow dry my hair straight. – 630 to 650
I get dressed and put on makeup. – 650 to 700
I wake up Soleil and cook her breakfast. – 700 to 715
Then she gets dressed and I bring her to school and I go to work. – leave 730, arrive school 800, arrive work 900

Super exciting life we lead!


[quote=“sophiezosia, post: 1082277”]I hit snooze twice.
I get up and get in the shower.
I blow dry my hair straight.
I get dressed and put on makeup.
I wake up Soleil and cook her breakfast.
Then she gets dressed and I bring her to school and I go to work.

Super exciting life we lead![/quote]

If my feet are above the ground and I can walk without stumbling it’s a good day.:cool


This is true!


Wake at 6am
Try and get showered, dressed and out for 6.25am
Pick up brief case packed the night before
Walk quicly 500yards away to be on 6.30 coach to London Victoria
Make sure I get a comfy back seat
Play on gphone and ipod on journey
Get to Victoria around 8am to 8.15am
Walk or bus to Marble Arch - Hyde Park
Go to office
Make breakfast and coffee, sometimes have a Starbucks from journey in
Work, talk and do stuff!


Dominic wakes me up whenever he decides to get up
Bring him downstairs and fix him a cup of milk
Take my thyroid medicine
Change Dominic’s diaper
Call Donnie
Try to read the paper while chasing Dominic around
Get Dominic his breakfast and then get him dressed
At some point, I get dressed and ready for the day

If my dad is away for work (like this week), I let one dog out in the backyard and feed her. Then I put one cat in the bathroom to eat while I feed and give the other cat his shot. I clean out the litter box if I remember. I bring the dog in and let out the other dog.


i usually hit the snooze more than 3 times (i am not a morning person and i hate getting up)
jump in shower
get dressed (make up is opitional)
grab my keys, purse, phone
drive to work
stop by mcdonalds for my coffee
get to office, and hetic day begins

now if i have to drop off fuzz and girls this is altered ALOT


Get my morning wake up call… chat for a while.
Get dressed
Put on makeup
Dry and style my hair
Make coffee (this is new… I think I’m addicted already)
Check email
Come visit my lovelies at OTZ



Only on workdays…

Wake at 5 a.m.
Turn radio on
Brush teeth
Put coffee pot on
Get dressed (clothes laid out from night before)
Let dog out
Get cup of coffee and drink it while doing other things
Put on make up and brush hair
Turn radio off
Let dog in
Turn on the news on TV
Eat breakfast
Turn off TV
Feed dog and cat
Clean cat’s litter box if needed
Grab lunch made from night before and purse
Check fluids in my car, adjust radio and crank it up loud!
Get to work by 6:50 (Start at 7:10 a.m.)


Wake whenever Jim or Liam wakes me.

Stumble to the crib pick the boy up.

Make a bottle and warm it.

Turn tv to Morning show.

Take my meds.

Feed Liam and burp him…

Change him if needed.

Put him down for a nap.

Pump, while doing that, I put on laptop.

Post while pumping.

Then put milk in fridge.

Get breaky for me.

Then post maybe some more or laundry or start Liam’s routine again…


[quote=“RedRyder, post: 1082284”]

Check fluids in my car, adjust radio and crank it up loud!
Get to work by 6:50 (Start at 7:10 a.m.)[/quote]

You check your oil and stuff EVERY morning?



my days usually go something like this:

2:30 PM: Wake up

3pm: get out of bed

3:05pm: take a shower

3:30pm: log onto computer

8am: go to bed


Wake up
go for a smoke :frowning:
hop in the shower
get dressed
wake up lil wooks
make up
drive lil wooks to school
get coffee
go to work

and sometimes make random phone calls and wake people up :stuck_out_tongue:


5:30 am - Awake
6:00 am - Gym
7:00 am - Home
7:30 am - Shower
8:00 am - 9:30 am - Beauty Routine + Coffee
9:30 am - 10:00 am - Breakfast
10:30 am - get to work
1:30 pm - Lunch
6:30 pm - Leave work
6:30 pm - ??? Playtime
Off to bed and start all over.


well at least i am not the only one who smokes, even though i didnt list that on my list


I was a little surprised how many had smoke in their routine.


well to be fair and equal i will add smoke when i get into the car to drive to work then


I quit but I’m back on the wagon and smoking more than ever…:frowning:


Wake up at 7:45 and feed sisters kids.
Log onto computer while they eat.
Feed my kids once my sisters are done since they usually wake up around then.
While my kids eat I do dishes and come post while they finish.

errr ok you get the idea. I don’t get me time for showering and getting ready for the day til their nap times.


[quote=“USF Sam, post: 1082286”]You check your oil and stuff EVERY morning?


I have to. About a year ago, the head gaskets blew! Since then, the darn thing loses coolant. Can’t find a leak. Not in the hoses or the radiator. Probably means in the engine itself. I can’t take chances right now. It’s not a whole lot… I usually have to add coolant about every 4th day. And even that can change.

I also check the oil about twice a week, along with the transmission fluid.

I have a bit of a drive to and from work in a rural area and I don’t plan on walking. :smiley:

Better to be safe than sorry.