What Is Your Nationality?

I’ll start… :cool I’m Portuguese…:slight_smile:

oh lord im what they call strait mutt…yep i have a bit of everything in me…oh so sweet but from first glance i guess you can say im wexican or white/mexcian…mostly hispanic looking…


White American

I’m a White Bred Bitch!


,mmmm i love swiss cheese!

german, swedish and english…thats from my dad’s side. i dont know my mom’s side because she was adopted

a lot of english. some irish, some french canadian.

i get a little bit of german in me every few days :smiley: forgot to mention that part

South African, with German heritage.

Deutscher Abfall von meiner Vaterseite & Swedish descent from my mothers side.

50% Polish 50% Czech 50% Jersey

I’m one half Puerto Rican (not a quarter), and the other half is mostly Irish.

Scottish, Irish and Dutch

German, Danish, Sweedish and Norwegian

I feel kinda boring compared to all you folks :frowning:

Never looked up your ancestry? Somebody had to cross the pond at some point…

german, irish and hungarian

Irish — English — Scot