What is your opinion about bullying?


So many people say its wrong, but so many still do it.
Some do it and they never even noticed it.
Do you have experience about bullying?
Have you ever been a bully?
What do you think about it?


I think bulling is wrong. I have never been a bully and have never really been bullied but I do think that it is wrong and that more needs do be done about it. I am not sure what the punishment should be but I do think that there should be one so that they see how serious it is.


My opinion on bullying is going to be the same as everyone else’s: it’s wrong. I haven’t ever had to deal with bullying beyond elementary school, but that’s because I’ve been a fairly big guy all of my life. People typically don’t bully people bigger than them.


My opinion is that bullying is only done to those who are neglected, so I’d more likely look to the parents of the kids who are getting bullied because oppressors rarely victimize those they know are protected. I’d sooner blame the victim’s parents as well as the bully’s parents rather than just trying to campaign against bullying. I believe this to be more of a parental issue than a bullying issue.


I do agree with beverly here, people that have “issues” regarding their life tends to pass it on to others thus it results to bullying. This is not a question whether it’s right or wrong, bullying could never be right. Though this mostly happens in puberty but it can also happen everywhere. In my opinion bullying is simple a childish act, people should really just grow up.


Bullying to me is something that happens when there is someone whom is having issues and doesn’t know how to showcase them. The bullies I’ve known have deep rooted issues with self esteem or have suffered abuse so they decide to inflict that same pain on others for a moment of gratification. I don’ t think that all bullies are bad, I think they feel like no one wants to take the time to really get to know what the root issue is with them in order to provide them with the sufficient help to help them get beyond what’s occurring to them.


It is indeed quite bad that so many people say that bullying is wrong, yet so many people still do it.
I was actually a victim of bullying, both in mild forms, and in more severe forms. I did however not do much about it apart from talking to my teacher about it. For the most part, i just endured it all the time. Did it make me into a person afraid to socialize? maybe… Do I care? NO!

I love that I was bullied. I hate that I was bullied, but it made me into who I am today, and I love myself. I would not wish to not have been bullied, because i would have been a different person. It was indeed a very horrible experience, that i wish noone has to live through, but I would never change my past, not even if I could.

So, yeah… We should make sure that bullying doesn’t happen, at all.


That it is totally unacceptable. I’ve been at high school for very nearly 3 years now (14yrs old in year 9) and I’ve been bullied non-stop. Senior staff have intervened, minorly and it stopped for about a week but since then it just got worse. I’m sick of it but I have to put up with it because if I retaliate then I get in more trouble than them because I ‘should know better’ oh and they shouldn’t? It’s rediculous at my school, I pray it’s better for others.

But my opinion is bullying is totally unacceptable and should not be tolerated under any circumstances.


I think bullying is all about what you do to yourself to deserve it. I used to get bullied when I was a kid for snitching, I learned now that ‘snitches get stitches’. But, there is always those group of boys or girls that think mighty of themselves and go around picking on random people, which pisses me off thinking about it. I also think cyber bullying can be stopped just by clicking that block button and not having any communication with that person from that point on.


No one actually deserves to get bullied, at least for me. We have the law and constitution for that, seeing people getting bullied really pains me but what pains me the most are those people who actually throw their anger to those people that basically have nothing to do with it.


One of the problems over here is that a lot of schools in America have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to fights. Even if a bully starts a fight, the victim can still get suspended for retaliating in self defense. The best option is to always run from a fight, but sometimes that isn’t an option. Sometimes you have no choice but to fight back.


Running a fight can just make things worst, avoiding one would be the best choice. It is always better to seek help either to your family or the school committee.


Sure, but sometimes you can’t avoid the fight, nor do you have enough notice to seek help. If you’re attacked at random and you’re cornered, you can either sit there and take a beating or fight back.


I think bulling is a horrible thing to do. Whenever I see bullying I feel pain that an individual is unleashing their anger on an innocent individual. But what what hurts me most, are the bystanders that do nothing when they see bullying occurring in their daily lives.


Bullying is not acceptable and it never will be. I think that the people who bully other people are just insecure and just want to feel above someone that is clearly weaker than they are. There should be serious measures when someone is getting bullied and if you tell to someone, they should await severe punishment so that the bullying would stop. Right now, I don’t think that enough is done to stop bullying, because when you tell someone you are being bullied and they try to do something about it, they usually make it worse then it was. The bullys get angry that someone is telling on them and that they trying to make them look bad and then they are getting even more agressive and that can’t stop bullying. I don’t know any counter measures to bullying right of the bat, because I never experienced bullying on my own, but I’m sure there are people who can recommend something to stop the spreading of bullying and there should be a law against something like bullying.


There are, and they’re called “assault” and “battery.” We don’t need a law that specifically says, “Bullying is against the law and punishable by ______.” There are so many different types of bullying that the law would likely be very easy to bypass.


Bullying is wrong and the sad part is that I don’t think that it will ever end. Kids who were bullied become adult bullies later on. When I see a kid tormenting another kid I know that the bully has some significant issues in their own homelife.


It won’t ever end. There is absolutely no way that we could even dream about ending bullying. The only thing that we can do is minimize it and offer more assistance to the victims.


Being bullied is not a nice experience. I personally think that it has a lot to do with how someone was brought up. If you work towards that everyone is equal, small great, white, black, smart, ugly, what ever you can fit in. If you were able to recognize that every single person is valuable, every single person has some sort of worth, then you would not be able to have thoughts or desires to become a party. So I think that bullying really stems from a lack of understanding. When you tell your kids that they are better than other people, or you don’t correct the bad thoughts in their minds while they still young, then you will have the results of what we see in society today. That is bullying. We need to fix it from the root and ended entirely. That is my opinion


How do you suggest we do that? Do you believe that we can really end bullying entirely?