What is your opinion about bullying?


No one ever deserves to feel lesser than other people. Bullying is a horrible practice and can really affect the way they think about themselves and others around them. It’s advised to also try and not be a target and just be friends with everyone but bullying can come in any shape and form.


I have been super tall and always had a good size build when growing up. I only had one bully in my entire life and all it was, was him and a bunch of his friends in Middle School trying to get me to fight him in the middle of the school ground with everyone around. I told him no, because I was not an idiot like him. About eight years after that, I actually met him and now I am 6’6 so I am still pretty tall. I ran into him and was like “Hey you were that guy that tried to pick on me” He laughed, I laughed and we both just thought it was nothing because it really isn’t. It just a certain age group that it seems to happen it, I don’t think it is very common anymore. I mean if you really try to be a dork in any public setting, you kind of have it coming.


Everyone has been bullied to some extent, it’s one of the unfortunate traits of the human race unfortunately.
I’d like to say stand up for yourself and you’d be surprised how quickly they leave you alone (which is true), but I also know some people don’t feel they can do that. If that’s the case then take heart that every single bully gets their comeuppance eventually.
Every single one…


I have a big experience with bullying. I used to get bullied a lot during elementary school, middle school, & my first 3 years of high school. I’m not the prettiest girl or the skinniest but I wasn’t enough for most guys. Girls made fun of me for liking certain guys because they were supposed to be way out of my league. The guys would make fun of my weight and the way that I dressed. It destroyed a big part of me! It definitely steered me in the direction of being antisocial. Bullying can destroy lives and prevent possible futures for some people. I ought to know.:-/:s


I think it should be stopped as soon as it starts. Bullied kids never adjust well and some are even scarred for life because of it. Then there are those that take matters into their own hands and shoot up schools with their parents’ gun. Kids can be the most cruel of all also when someone is different or not to their aesthetic standards.


I think its horrible i know from experience (victim)


Bullying is a show of power by the strong by overpowering the weak with their power. I think this habit is truly bad and that it must be stopped. Teachers, parents and others must be on the watch out and stop bullying. After all, bullying is done by children and teenagers who think it is cool. They must be taught that bullying others in a show of power which they think is cool is actually a huge stone which crushes everyone.