What is your opinion on divorce?


How does it effect the people involved, when is it necessary, when is it stupid? what is your opinion?


I feel that western culture has made the point of marriage questionable. With the percent of marriages ending in a divorce now more likely than an actual successful marriage, it really is a depressing state of affairs. I feel that married couples are now all to easily choosing divorce whenever there is any sort of disagreement rather than working through their problems like a couple dedicated to each should do!

Of course, there are certain situations when it hasn’t worked out and it is better to part ways but I do think that either something unforgivable needed to have happened or it has to be after a prolonged time of trying to sort out the differences.


I feel that there should always be an option to divorce because life is not perfect. Taking it away really only is taking away our freedom and having this option lets us take control of our lives. Also, it isn’t really harming anyone realistically, and I think if it doesn’t harm anyone other than yourself and the person involved, then it should be okay.


Don’t think whether it should be allowed or not was ever up for debate. It was more of a debate on the % of divorce and how ready people are to divorce in modern society.

As for no one being hurt by it, that definitely isn’t true. Divorce rates, broken families etc. have been linked in medical epidemiological studies to personality disorders and other mental illnesses in the children of these broken families. So it does cause harm, or at least it can cause harm. Furthermore, the greatest harm that it can cause is what I believe has already occurred, which is the open stigma in society which has led to more broken families than intact ones.


People get married for the wrong reasons and it’s fair that they should have a way out when they realize the made the wrong choice. Divorce in most cases may hurt one of the partners and the children but it’s not possible to force two people who don’t get along to live together under one roof. Anything could happen . . .

At least ever since divorce came to be more acceptable there has been a decrease in domestic violence.


I don’t think there is anything wrong with divorce, but that’s mostly due to the fact that I don’t think marrige is very important. Marrige used to be very important, since it was basically a commitment in front of God. But today, as many people aren’t believers anymore, it’s just a fun traditional thing that costs far too much money than it’s worth.

So to break the marrige, or to have a divorce, doesn’t actually mean that much anymore. I mean, it’s not very bad anymore.

Let people take out as many divorces as they want. If they re-marry and do it again, they can suit themselves, because they just wasted another amazingly huge sum of money on the wedding/lawyers for the divorce/and so on. It’d be better if noone married to be honest. Sure, wear a ring on your hand to show that you have a partner, but there is no need to blow 100 000 on a wedding that you may regret later on.


Honestly I don’t approve of divorce. I think that if you are going to marry then you should fully know and understand the person you love. Marriage is supposed to be for life. It’s bad how people get divorced and married so many times, they must have a fair bit of money if they can afford it!


People should of course, be able to divorce if things are not working out for them. However, I do believe most people get married FAR too quickly, without really knowing their partner or whether they’re truly compatible for each other. You always hear stories of couples getting married after a few months because they just “know” it’s going to work. It never does.


Well I think that people who rush into a marriage can be more high risk to divorce or people that get married for the wrong reasons. Me personally I do not see anything wrong with divorce if both people have decided that they no longer want to be in the marriage. And most of the time it is best to separate so that things do not build up or get worse.


If two people who were once in love are no longer in love, then I have no problem with them wanting to get divorced. It isn’t fair to either spouse to stay together.


I think divorce is good, but like everything else, it gets abused. Some are too quick to jump the gun, but some legitimately need it. I don’t believe it to be immoral because I believe that children of divorced parents can still thrive if the parents are mature and intelligent enough to provide a good environment. As for the religious reasons, I believe them to be irrelevant.


I think individuals use it too much excessively in today’s era, however I additionally think there are times where it is important such as cheating, abuse, and the likes. Furthermore, I am NOT judging anyone here who is separated as I truly don’t have the foggiest idea about each persons circumstances thus, this is simply my opinion.


To assume that everyone would fall in love and live happily ever after is unfair. Divorce is not a sin whatsoever and sometimes things just don’t work out. That is why people should think more about marriage rather than having a divorce 4 years later on. My parents are divorced and it made me sad of course, but I understood why so its fine.


How does it effect the people involved, when is it necessary, when is it stupid? what is your opinion?

When getting a divorce it can be finicky. If both parties are completely over with each other, then it should be a slightly smoother process. If one person is still in love, then they will suffer a heart break and possibly a drastic change in life such as homelessness.

Divorce should only be necessary if the other half has cheated, is planning to kill you for some crazy reason, planning to take your children away. It would be stupid to divorce just because.

All in all my opinion of divorce is strict. I would try my best to love the one I’m with, and always aim the opposite direction of divorce. With God all things are possible.


Once you are married, that is it. If you honestly made the mistake of getting married in the first place, you should have known that not all marriages go smoothly, there is always going to be disputes and arguments no matter what you do. As they say, when you get married a toilet flushes. Two enter, no one leaves.


I’m divorced, so yes, I believe it’s OK.

However, I got married too fast, too young, and I didn’t listen to a thing anyone said. If I had a brain back then, I would have never married him, and that would mean I’d never have divorced him.

As it was, I found out that friends (the one’s who warned me), placed bets on my marriage - most were in the couple month range, very few, if any went over a year - I beat em all! I filed the day after my one year anniversary.

I think it’s reasonable to consider divorce for any one of the three A’s - addiction, abuse or adultery. My ex was an expert at all three, along with a serious compulsive lying problem. I still stuck it out…and it ended up costing me $150,000 and my credit. I tried to work with him, I got counseling (because he said it was my fault ), I got the books, I did what I could. Now I look back, and I can’t believe it.

But divorce for boredom, lack of “love”, silly arguments etc? Not that cool, but hey, that’s life here now. I’m married again, but then we have never had the problems I had with my first ex.

So, there are times, where it is necessary for a divorce, but I think that the entire sanctity of marriage is being destroyed by high divorce rates. People should make a stronger effort to fix the problems than opt for divorce


If they truly are no longer in love, first they need to figure out what’s causing their disconnection in emotion. Then they should try to fix those things. If by any means it can’t be fixed then it’s acceptable to divorce. If the relationship is destructive then by all means divorce. I have parents who have divorced so I have to say, think about your children too, not just your own problems.


Marriage will always have a “point”.

It’s a symbol, to yourself, your spouse, your family, friends, and newly met people, that you are commited to someone.

What doesn’t have a point, is for some people to get married.

I would argue that it is not 50% of first marriages that fail. It is 50% of all marriages, including people who think they want to be married, but really do not. These are the guys with 6 wifes and new kids at age 65, ruining the stats for everyone.


I made it clear to my husband there was no getting out of this. Unless he “beats or cheats”, I’m not going anywhere and I made sure I found someone who felt likewise. I believe strongly in the covenant of marriage. It is a lifelong commitment and “irreconcilable differences” should not even exist. You can want to kill the other person, yes. A sane person clearly won’t act on that. But you do not cop out just because things become difficult. You vowed to push through that.


Yes, but at some point you have to realize that sometimes there’s no way to push through it. Sometimes it’s a waste of effort to attempt to repair an irreparable marriage.