What is your opinion on divorce?


When it’s time for a couple to split, it’s time for a couple to split. It should be their decision, and their decision alone.


Divorce is great if a marriage isn’t working. People get married for all the wrong reasons. Should they realize they made a mistake saddling them with someone for the rest of their lifetime would be unfair.

If someone no longer wants to be in a marriage they don’t find satisfying, they should be allowed to leave — with benefits.


My mother and my dad got divorced when I was 2 years old. It didn’t have any adverse effect on me emotionally. I was too young and innocent to understand the implications. Over the years as I grew up with a single parent, I started to realize that my parents relationship was very ill founded. I’m glad they got divorced. I could have grown up in a house with parents who shouted at each other.

People make mistakes in choosing lifelong partners. It is common with regards to marital difficulties for two people to not be compatible with each other. You would we wasting a lot of precious time if you could not cut your bond with him. I believe divorce is very important. I do not see the point of prolonging a relationship if it creates turmoil and discomfort in your life.


In my opinion divorce is only bad when there are little kids involved. Even then, if the family climate is one of constant fighting it’s better to get divorced than make a child the witness of it. Other than this couples are free to do as they wish - we only have one life and we must live it to the best of our abilities.


Are people not going to mention cases in which the marriage was pushed by the family? I know an Irish Traveler family and their youngest is a friend of mine, and while her parents probably won’t set one up for her, they will most likely encourage her to get married young to someone she met at a wedding, christening, etc. They’re not exactly the most strict to tradition and one of my friend’s siblings already is divorced, but there are plenty of marriages where this isn’t the case.

Basically, there are some examples in which it isn’t really the fault of the people, and we shouldn’t disallow or be disapproving of a divorce just because they married due to pressures from others.


It is necessary when people can’t stand living together anymore. Some people say it will affect their children in a bad way, well, I’m not so sure how will it affect their children in a good way if they see their parents fighting everyday.


Marriage is becoming more prevalent than it once was but the main problem is that people rush into a marriage without really knowing one another. I believe it is something that has lost its sacredness over time. Relationships have their ups and downs and the main thing is to love someone enough that you will ride the down times out.


Marriage has become just a paper these days. I say, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t test the waters first. I am in for living in for a while and see if you two are really compatible for each other or if the two of you can work things out under one roof. Don’t get married at once.


It’s not the best thing in the world, but in some cases it’s the best decision for all those involved. Best a divorce rather than trying to maintain an unhappy marriage when all involved are better off for not being together.


I’ve read some terrible accounts from the past, when divorce was not easy and was not socially accepted. Women suffered the most in the past, from abusive or controlling husbands and if they did get divorced, then the children had to stay with the father and the mother would not be allowed to see them.

Today it is acceptable in most countries but I am still really shocked when I read or hear about people who divorce and remarry multiple times. Anyone can make a mistake or be misled into marriage with an unsuitable person, but to go through 4 or 5 divorces suggests to me a lack of commonsense or an inability to commit to one person.


As much as possible, weigh things first. It’s tragic to see couples fall apart because they love the idea of the person they want to be with and not exactly love the person for who they are. All these divorce is mainly due to infidelity. Let’s face it, not everybody is monogamous. If you can accept your partner for who they are even if that’s the case, then marry him or her. Divorce is totally avoidable. I think I would only have this done if it involves physical abuse and just things that would be too ridiculous to bear like dishonesty. I mean, if I find out my wife isn’t exactly who she is according to the legal information she gave me, then i’ll start to think about it.


For some couples may be swinger parties is the solution. I mean it’s cheating when you are having sex with other women, without your wife knowing about it. But, when you are having sex with other women, and your wife is having sex with other men, and you both know about it, then it’s not cheating. This is probably the best solution for couples who can’t be monogamous.


I think people fall in love, and then they can fall out of love. When this love is gone and they are completely unhappy and there’s no possible way to fix back that love then i support their divorce, however i don’t support making it a struggle for the children involved in that support, as long as the kids don’t end up with mental issues, and family problems then go ahead get your divorce.


Divorce can be a tricky subject. It is very easy to do nowadays, unfortunately easier than marraige. It is now a common occurence and in my year at school more students than not split their time between both parents. They use that excuse a lot with homework. Something should be done to discourage divorce. I honestly thought that one factor of marraige was that your together for life.


I feel that although it can be (although rather expensive) a good way out of a marriage. I have no problem with people getting divorced I just believe it makes the act of marriage pointless if it can be over in a matter of years and may leave any children produced in the relationship having to travel between two different places.

What ever happened to the wedding vow ‘to death do us part’?


I think divorce is a good thing, otherwise people could be trapped for the rest of their lives in a relationship where they’re being abused, or are simply unhappy. I don’t think it reduces the value of marriage, the reason that we see so many marriages fail today is often because people rush and don’t think through the decision they’re making, in my opinion.


I don’t think that there is anything wrong with the divorce, if two people don’t love each other anymore or don’t even like each other anymore why force them to stay together. It gets a little controversial when there are children involved, children don’t take the divorce of their parents very well, it is usually so. But in a way it is still better to get divorced when you have children if you and your wife/husband don’t get along and fight all the time. Children don’t want to see their parents fight and they will take the divorce better than the constant fighting between them.


I think divorce should be available to everyone no matter what. It’s a contract like any other. I don’t think humans are monogamous sort of creatures to be honest with you. No wonder there are such high rates of divorce.


It is necessary when the two people who married aren’t in love anymore.
If they don’t have any kids then nobody suffers.
If they do have kids then the kids suffer.


Throughout peoples lives, they change. Although I do believe that true love can be found and people can go their entire lives married to the same person and still be madly and deeply in love until the day that they die, it’s more likely that something is going to happen and one or both of the parties in the marriage are going to change enough to make going their seperate ways be the most logical choice for the both of them.