What is your opinion on divorce?


I think that if your not happy in your relationship then there’s no reason to punish yourself. If your both not happy then divorce and find your happines. Now if kids are involve don’t be selfish but do what you need to do.


I think people use it as an out too much in current times, but I also think there are times where it is necessary. AND, I am NOT judging anybody here who is divorced as I really do not know your individual circumstances past what little you say here. That is just my opinion.

Sometimes I think people give up too easy because they are bored. JMO I do think each case is unique and I can’t really say who should and who should not get divorced anyways. I am not in those marriages.

But, I am not opposed all of the time to divorce.


I think a couple planning marriage should be provided with financial counseling, birth control, religious or secular counseling, and be forced to live together for a period of one year and then allowed to marry. I also think in the case of divorce the same should be applied except no waiting period. People head into marriage blinded by love or sheer stupidity and don’t see sometimes that the person they “love” is not what they really want. It’s too easy to get married and hell to pay to get divorced.


Divorce can be the best option even if children are involved. Staying in an unhealthy relationship can plague the family and society. But I do think that a divorce should be granted for serious reasons and would advice the couple to go through marriage councelling before rushing into the decision of divorce.
I’m not married (too young) so never had a divorce I don’t know how tough it is but I do know that psychologically, divorce is one of the most stressful life event a human could face. Wouldn’t advice it, but sometimes the best option.


Divorce is better than living with someone you no longer love. And I don’t think religion should get involved.


Of course, I would hope I don’t ever come to a point of divorce but here’s my two cents (sorry I’m late to the party).

My parents were each other’s first partners and they married young. We had a happy life. My parents divorced. We still live happy lives. Parents are humans too and sometimes there are just differences in values you can’t come to a compromise. If anything, I tell my parents that I’m happier than I could have ever imagined. Through their divorce, my mom got the courage to start fresh and immigrate. I live with everything I could possibly ask for - good friends, great education, even greater opportunities. I considered the fact that I didn’t really grow up with a father figure (although we talk as often as we can) as an opportunity to step up in the family. It honestly made me a better person, a stronger leader, an encouraging sister, and an understanding daughter. The divorce definitely toughened up my mom and strengthened our family. I tell my parents I’m thankful for where I live, who I am, and what I can do, even if it started out with a bad seed. I would choose the wellbeing of my family over my parents being forced to live with each other when they didn’t want to, any day.

Divorce is bad if you take it lightly - especially when you have kids. But it doesn’t always have to end with a bad result on the family.


I dont believe in marriage, so I’ve got no worried there :sweat_smile:


Divorce is a terrible burden for both parties involved and the State as a whole. There needs to be reform where marriage has no economic influence.


Divorce is something that we all need to live with. Man up.