What more can i do

i want some advice, this is tearin me up

theres a girl, i like her alot, she likes me alot…she was raped about a year ago and i met her shortly after…she was also abused by her dad, then her brother killed there dad…and her mom was killed in a drive by shooting not long after she was born…shes been through some shit

but the rape ruined her life, she cant sleep ever, and when she does she dreams about it…its killin me seein her in this much pain…i do everything i can for her, she dont like hangin out with any guys (me included) cuz shes terrified…it was her boyfriend who raped her and i swear to god if that motherfucker wasnt already dead id kill him myself, no bullshit

what the fuck more can i do? i want this girl to feel better about herself more then anything in the world…she sees a therapist but it doesnt seem to help, and there just doesnt seem to be much more i can do

i tell her everyday how beautiful she is, how she didnt deserve the life she has, how shes a great person and all that (and i mean it all)

im desperate man, i dont even know what the fuck to do, anytime i hear people joke about rape i get so fuckin pissed off it aint even funny, that shit is not a joke

id love to just go out and kill a rapist, torture that piece of shit

the reason you are having a hard time with this is because you have made her problem yours. You can never solve/fix anothers problems, but you can learn to just accept her for how she is effected by this and just be there for her when she needs you…thats really all you can do, especially if she is seeing someone professionally. Rape is a very difficult trauma to live with and some women may not learn how to live with it until they are much older. Her trust and how safe she feels around you is what is most important.

Wow! That family had some history man. I know what you mean. I was in the same position as you. I had friend who became my girlfriend, she was raped when she was very young and that made it hard for me to love her. I wanted to find the guy and rip his fucking head off, but that would not change her attitude towards me. She hated men when she grew up. What i did was show her kindness and reassure her that all men are not beast. thats all i did and she overcome her fear of men.

Just be there for her when you can and don’t get angry about what happened a long time ago. If you tend to get angry over the fact that she was raped you are not helping her.

As long as you are there for her, that is all she really needs to know. Im sure she can tell you like her too and by not pressuring her shes going to like you a lot more too.

Be patient buddy, and sorry about your friend :frowning:

just be there for her. Prove to her not all guys are the same.

this is probably not your type of music but this song fits good here.

YouTube - when she cries by restless heart

i know i worry about it too much and let it get to me too much but i cant help it…she shouldnt have to suffer through this alone…she shouldnt have to suffer through this at all

she hates going to the therepist and doesnt even go much anymore…her sleeping still isnt getting any better, i mean i know shes up til atleast 4 every morning cuz she texts me (we text back and forth all the time) and she gets up at 6 or 7 to go to school everyday

it just sucks…she tried to kill herself about 6 months ago…she promised me she wont try it again

and she tells me that i do help, even tho i dont feel like i help that much she says i do, which is good so im not gonna give up

I’ve been with two girls that i know of that have been through similiar stuff. It never really work out with either of them. the first one i was 19 and she was 17 at the time. Her fam loved me but she never really could be her self around me.

i want to be with her but even if we dont end up together, i just want her to feel better

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