What Should I do?


Alright folks i need your help. I have a 1986 mustang gt with t-tops. It runs fair, i think just a tune up and it would run fine. Problem is it needs brake work done, replace carpet, replace headliner, possible replace dash, dash lights don’t work, speedometer and tach don’t seem to work up to par, its primer gray right now, needs a little body work done too: just fix a little surface rust and a few small dents. Question is should i dump alot of monies into this or save that towards a newer mustang 99+ that i would get in january of next year??? i’ve had this mustang since 2002 and its killing me just seeing it sitting in the back yard. I Need your help guys. Also if you think i should try to get it in running order how much do you think it would cost to get it in running order.

P.S. i absolutely love this car, but i want a mustang very bad and don’t know what the best decision is gonna be…
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Get a newer one and then you can turn the 86 into a project car. Something to tinker around on and maybe one day turn it into a drag car! Sounds like it may take a good bit of loot to get it back in decent condition.


any one else??? :dunno