What should the response be to the Salisbury attack?


What should the ideal response to the Salisbury gas attack be? Who’s responsible? Is the government’s response right or is the Labour Party’s better?


I think for once the government’s response is mostly correct, and it’s very clear that it must be a Russian state actor who had access to a nerve agent as lethal as Novichok. However, I agree with Corbyn, that it’s necessary to be diplomatic, and not make this into another Cold War. I also think it’s insane how the media portrays him as some sort of Russian sympathiser and possibly spy, whilst completely ignoring the fact that Russian plutocrats basically have the party in government in their pockets.


The situation regarding the nerve attack is very strange, why would Russia take such a risk for no gain? The ex spy in question was a USSR era one, was basically retired and had no intel on the Russian government Britain didn’t already interrogate him for (he was imprisoned for This by Russia but pardoned later, and allowed to live in the uk)

I don’t think the Russian state is behind this, last thing it needs is to justify more western opposition towards it (which has severely hampered its economy and diplomacy.) I suspect if anything a rogue Russian intelligence force doing this or similiar cleaning house of their potential crimes


It’s very hard to be able to say the best response without seeing evidence which may not become public for years.

I am not convinced the Russian state is directly behind it, but even if it was by state linked third party actors we should respond against the state.

Regarding Corbyn I am not particularly impressed. Attacks like this are sufficiently rare in the UK that they should not be political. If SNP can support the government in this then so should labour. After acts of terror and major international incidents the UK should show unity, at least initially


The UK on the whole is a mess right now. Both parties are incompetent and corrupt while crime is on the rise. Each party tries to solve the problem but their actions simply amplify the issues


I’d love if it were really that simple, that the west was simply standing up for itself. But I can’t quite believe the media has written on this whole ‘row’ in such a superficial manner, perhaps I’ve just not been reading good enough investigative journalism but it seems like just about everyone in mainstream media is taking what has happened as pretty much true. Much of the way everyone is acting (Boris, foreign officials, journalists) seems to me like a crudely put together charade, and I know there must be something more than meets the eye. The most compelling and obvious reason for this is just how sharply in contrast we reacted to the Alexander Litvinenko murder! Why have we not been talking about how similar this is and how strange it seems that so suddenly and in co-ordination the western world has shifted its policy towards Russia. Honestly, I could not help but cry with laughter as Boris and his friend awkwardly discussed Putin’s possible ‘Nazi glorying’, as if they a pair of stoned teenagers attempting to make meaningful political conversation in front of a teacher to cover up their stonedness. Really, who decided to expel all the spin doctors? Nobody even looks like they believe themselves.