What type of right winger are you? Quiz



We had a IT revolution? I’m pretty sure we’re still relying on the book/letter mailing/shipping/storing system, only it’s faster and cheaper now in terms of information spreading. Not to mention it’s more visual and interfaced, too. I agree otherwise.

Dang. Thanks.


I think this is probably true.


You sound more like Stirner than a nationalist.


I’m not individualist.


Your whole justification for not caring about the fate of the world hinged on your experience as an individual (or lack thereof in this case). Pretty damn individualist and, dare I say, egoist.

Glad to see you’re despooked, my property.


Oh damn, I thought would have thought I would have gotten Libertarian or Constitutionalist.


Incorrect. I do want to leave the world in a good shape, by the very virtue of improving it for the current generation. I merely oppose the benefit of the future at the expense of the rolling present. Climate change reform is inherently fitting of this definition. If it will do nothing but hinder for my entire life, no thanks. If something is a long-term investment, sure.

Had I been a real one-lifer I would advocate a Keynesian program of 400% debt to GDP and let us indulge in it until we die. Why would an egoist/one-lifer want budget cuts in the first place anyway?


Fairly happy with this…


The objective of Keynesianism is to prevent damage to the economy by way of intervention, the optimal system for Keynesianism is corporatism. You agree with intervention for this objective, therefore you are a variant of keyenisian with a nationalistic perspective (Keynesianism was designed for nationalistic socialism originally anyway)


I would end the economic clause that’s imposed federally, I view the states more as nations of a confederacy then as regions



this is true with me


It was a gateway back to conservatism for me


Have you gone full on evangelical hating gays or are you like a UK conservative


UK conservative.


> not being both



Tbf when I typed UK conservative I thought to myself /fuck I don’t actually agree with much of the tory party, it’s just the closest to what I believe.


same except 93% constitutionalist


Confused about the christian fundamentalist part because whenever there was a question about christianity or an option about religion, I didn’t choose it lol. My views aren’t really based around religion anymore. But yes, constitutional.