What type of right winger are you? Quiz


79%? Weak.


Originally got 84% but forgot to record the results.

Not that it matters.


you should take this internet test some 19 year old /pol-ack made as proof you should be fash again


Nah, man, Fascism is trash. It has some good traits, but most of it was just ripped off the Bolsheviks.


Don’t you like those guys now or is it just memes?


Some of their ideas are appealing and it’s entertaining to hear autistic libertarian socialists fume at how Stalin “betrayed” the revolution. Though totalitarianism is extremely excessive and none of the positives it promised were ever achieved. Capitalism is also the most productive form of production as long as the state makes sure it’s not wasteful.


Reviving thread because why not?


I mean as a European Liberal the test kinda breaks as you basically have to choose least bad options most of the time :joy: Libertarian is kinda about right. Constitutionalist however is clearly nonsense…


It is more based on American politics my friend.


It says I’m a ‘national capitalist’, but I feel far closer to Christian fundamentalism. All this damn economics and political ideology is nothin’, God is the true light.


I got 88% “Constitutionalist” and 80% “Libertarian”.

I guess my views on war and gun rights played a part. Let it burn, baby.


That’s generally speaking much more true with the anti-social contract right libertarians, who basically are trying to escape the influence of the state so much they eventually end up in marxian hands because they are more plausibly doable ie need for a complex social contract is much lower. But if your not afraid of the state to that degree then like me, no its hardly a gateway. But ive seen a decent number of ancaps move to ancom over the years, and what brings most ancoms/socialists ive noticed back to the right is usually economic literacy.




Actually pretty dead on tbh


Something like this.