What we do for fun round hurr



Its all just pictures right now but theres more to come.


what is it?


They Demolish cars :smiley:


nice :rock


i always wanted to do that. my high school shop class made a dem. derby car every year. we always did bad though.


Believe it or not, there is a lot of thought and hard work that goes into building a good car to smash. If you want some tips EM me and I’ll give you some helpful info.


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shouldnt be too difficult… go to the junkyard, get a beatup car, heat the engine mounts (if bent) to the right position as best as possible, and then do the same for any other mounts, and get the tranny in there, and the driveshaft, then the rear axle, and the front axle, with the shocks and struts and any other stuff, and then if needed, get the steering replaced, the steering column fixed (if needed) and get a trailer and a good truck and then put that sumabitch up on the trailer and then get yourself a helmet and then put that bad bear inside the circle of death and push the gas pedal :gears :gears

yea, i know, it aint that easy, but looks real fun

edit: its great to reposition the engine mounts, but its better to put the engine in there… :lol


For those of you who didnt know, “Roberts Junk” is the page with pics of my car. Its a 72 2dr Impala with a rebuilt Pontiac 455 in it. It has much balls with the ole Pontiac in it. I pushed a car over o the first hit of the first night. The crowd went crazy. The guy I flipped on the other hand, he was much pissed. I :owned him. :rock


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i’ll keep that in mind, too much stuff on my plate already right now, but oneday i’ll get back atcha on that. thx


I think we should have a Offtopicz Riceburner party and demo a bunch of Riceburners. Anyone have a field we could crash em in? I know where I could get a cheep Civi http://www.offtopicz.com/forums/smilies_mod/upload/96dc280b18ae135fb4c6a80bd40c7ec6.gif



Too funnah Boss!


We rape people for fun :hump


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I dont know if your like trying to be funny or something, but that kind of shit aint hilarious in the least little bit. That kind of things bothers me. Makes me think you got problems. Am I blowing it way out of proportion?