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416 check it in the games link to highscores off of the games site…

check highscores… im top dawg… but game site still says artisan is on top…

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what. for what game?


i searched the game page and saw you tied artisan00 for the top spot in power driver. i hate to disappoint you, but trophy goes to defender :smiley:


das ok…

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play game, and glance at the high scores…


i know it switches from you to art and back… but the system keeps it official as trophy belongs to defender. c’mon, you can beat his score- plus the 7500 tokenz would be nice :smiley:


fook 7500… shits at 10k now :o


hey, i have 2 trophies now…

the second = power driver… where’s my tokens???


like i said up there^^ trophy goes to defender…


Re: RE: what what…

i wasnt the defender, i got the trophy, but no tokens… :wtf


it shows you having the trophy, but technically you have a tie for the highscore and techinically tie goes to defender so you can ONLY get the jackpot by beating the top score not tieing.


Re: RE: what what…

:booze you can go to hell…

technically, the trophy owner gets the props… so i should technically get the tokens because i am technically the new, technically speaking, trophy owner… :fu


but you didnt beat his score- that is the way the system operates. there is no changing that. if you want the tokenz, keep playing til you beat his score :smiley:


well then the system should keep the tenths of a yard to make sure either i or he got the trophy…


i know what you mean, but that has to do with that particular game’s scoring system. the trophy/jackpot system holds true for all games.


sounds like its out-dated, needs an upgrade… like giving me my tokens first…


joe upgraded the activity stuff a couple weeks ago. that is when the scores were reset… you can get the jackpot tokenz by beating the defending top score :blah


:tard i know




haha art. i dont think anyone can beat that score. hell, the lowest score in the top 10 of that game is so hard to reach lol.