What would ur name be

Ok had a few my mates round lastnight and we all thought if you were the oposite sex what would you parents call you aka my dad would have called me George lol

I hate to picture what kind of mess I would be as a female much less what I would be called…bitch comes to mind. :24:

I would have been called Stephanie…

My mom didn’t pick out a boys name for me so I’m not sure.

But if I were to chose I’d say Richard…just so I could be called Dick. I’ve always wanted to be one anyways. HAHA

lol cheers all :stuck_out_tongue:

I would have been called Charlotte the harlot.

“Hush Hush sweet Charlotte”

lol awwwwwwww bless


I was a Kevin Lee. My grandmother had two babies die very shortly after birth a few years before she adopted my mom. Their names were Stephen Lee and Kevin Bryant. My mom was remembering them, I guess. Just knowing that’s what I would’ve been makes me think of them too.

take me to bed[FONT=arial][SIZE=2] :ninja[/SIZE][/FONT]

Get a room

Well, we have a room . . . we actually have a whole house.

You’re invited :ninja

[quote=“canidae, post: 1090174”]Well, we have a room . . . we actually have a whole house.

You’re invited :ninja[/quote]

Hmm if she’s going then Tyler might go, that means i’d have to go.

I really don’t know… probably Jack, because that name is so cute, just like me :smiley:

I was supposed to be Dimitri. But I came out of Mom with a hoo hoo instead of a noo noo, so Alexandria it was.

either Jesus or Gawddddamitt

If I were born a boy apparently I would have been called Oliver.

If I were a guy I think I’d like to be called Daniel. No idea why, just like the name

Daniel of course.