What would you do?


what would you do if you were in my situation?


what situation is that


o yea… sorry about that:

i met this real hot girl 2 years ago when she moved to my neighborhood (we are teens…) she moved in with her dad. we dated for about 4 months. she went to NYC with her mom for 2 weeks in the summer, well her mom coaxed her into moving back with her. so we broke up. i was mad, so i was mean when we broke up… ok, it has been about a year and a half since i last talked to her. i was at work the other night and she called my house out of the blue? so my mom asked me if i knew anyone from swainsboro (town 2 hours from me) i was like, i dunno (i didnt think about it since i havent talked to her in so long, basically i forgot about her). well 5 of my friends said to call her. 2 people said dont. im one that said dont. i was all good til she called, it brought back a bunch of old feelings i guess. and if i call, she will want to meet up, right? i dont want to drive 2 hours for her. she was real cool though, and hot, real hot. she won beauty teen pageants and played softball and shit. what should i do?


well, if you can deal with the pain its gonna bring with it at first, i’d call her back. keep and touch and be friends. :smiley:


Id call her and just talk to her its been … HOW long… and though its brings up feelings … ( and i dont mean sex ) i mean real feelings …id see what happens and … Just talk to her … what can it hurt …UNless you have a G/F now and worried about that :dunno :dunno


yea, but 2 hours away. and it is long distance phone calls… thats why idont want to call her. all my friends that knew her were like, “call her now dammit” except for the dude that wanted to ask her out before she asked me :lol he is the other no.


the feelings are sex. not emotional. thats why i want to see her. fuck talking to her IMO


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10-10-220… 20 minute phone call for a buck… i think they still do that?

Anyway, gas prices are 2.34 here for regular… so if they are that high there, i would call first before i drove to meet her


Well hes jealous and wonted her for himself … I wouldnt pay him no mind … And 2 hours aint no thing alot of us have relationships that arent next door … if its mean to be it well … if not Oh well … Id give it a chance any way … TELL ME WHY NOT ???


driving is out of the question, unless she drives here. and gas is up 20 cents a gallon for the Masters Golf Tournament. it is usually $2.03. it would be easier if she got AIM. so it would be free.


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ok i will…

2 hours, it is hot as hell in GA now, ill be a sweatty smelly as dude when i get there. what if i dont like her anymore. o shit, theres 4 hours wasted. now its time to go home- disappointed and unsatisfied!


Well i said call her go spend a few on a calling card …and if it dont work you only wasted a few bucks :dunno :dunno


if that doesnt work, call tazzy with the rest of your minutes :banana


well heres a better Q to ask you, since you are a girl… Why do you think she randomly called?

here is my opinion… it is spring break, she knows im off school… she knows i have a car and drive… she wants to meet up… she wouldnt call to talk with these circumstances… am i right?? what do you think? why did she call? it has been over a year and a half.


dude… just fuggin call her


ill wait for her to call again…


your being a woman now :fu


well this is how i feel ( which is not like all females ) i think she called cause either shes been thinking about you … and just wonted to see how you were doing … OR from the young gals ideas shes looking for some fun… and you must have been a good time … so she figures she can take up were she left off seeing you think SHES ALL THAT :dunno :dunno


well i forgot she existed til she called. i dont want to waste my time, there are girls closer than that. id be better off i think finding someone closer.


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we never got around to having sex dammit, but we were going to, then she moved away… i can talk to people here. she would be a good time though.