What yall think


i dated one of my best friends for about 6 months after we graduated high-school. things didn’t work out and we became just friends. she has always been more than a friend to me, and i think the same from her too. all she has dated since we broke up have been jackasses and assholes it seems like. im always there for her and have still been her best friend for the last few years. i want to try dating again but don’t knowwhat to say to her. what yall think? ive never been good at this sorta thing…please help.


I suppose the best route would be a direct approach. Bring it up to her. Tell her you still care alot for her, and that you hate seeing her with guys who don’t deserve her, and don’t treat her how they should. Tell her she deserves better than them. Tell her you will always be there for her. Tell her the reasons why you feel this way as well, but make sure “because your so hot” isn’t one of the reasons. Also, make sure to say that you understand if she doesn’t feel the same way, and wants to remain friends, and that you just had to get it off your chest. That way she won’t feel obligated to say yes, and she won’t feel like she can’t be your friend anymore if she says no.


Well, if she’s attracted by jackasses and assholes there’s a reason for that and it’s in her head. Even the nicest and kindest guy on earth will not make her preferences change. She’ll have to want to change herself. You’ll probably have to make her realize that it’s a pattern (learned by example of her parents or trying to get over a painful situation that happened in her youth) and she’s continually repeating it until she finds what triggers it.

It’s nice of you to be a good friend to her.


im in the same sitsuation with my ex that became my best friend also. its very hard for me to bring anything up to her about girls im interested cause she gets jealous and gets all mad. which is not right considering she is engaged but i know in my heart and she may deny this but i know deep down inside her im the one she really wants to be with. and im sorry to say i dont feel the same way about her anymore. i told her the other day when we were talking if she’s gonna let go and let me do my thing. she say she would but i know thats a lie cause today when we were at the mall trying to find a parking spot and i said if i should ask that girl if she wants a ride and she gave me a dirty look and said thats fucked up. i just looked at her and laughed. it was a test.

but anyway im tired and rambling on but if shes your real friend, just sit her down and tell her how you feel and let her know you would appreciate her to be there for you. she may not like it but she should accept it. you guys arent together anymore so you should beable to tell her. i did have a few after Heather and it gets tough to have a girl friend and a best friend that used to be your ex girl friend. it gets very hard and i live in a town thats all drama and Heather is the queen.

good luck to ya man.