Whats a reluctor


i was told by one source thati need a calc or a chip to fix speedo for gears, and by anouther source that al i need is to do something with something called a reluctor. anyone know what that is?


i heard about the speed calibrator, never heard of a reluctor :dunno

id do a speed calibration after gears and larger size tires out back. i think you have to recalibrate it after gears? if not, thats sweet.


i know you do - the computer needs to know how the revolutions of the drive shaft translates to the speed of the car… if you change the gears, its the same as changing the wheelsize in that respect. i just want to know if i need to get a comp to do that or not.

i know the guy ive asked has done checvy work - so maybe its a chevy thing. but if it is, i want to be able to tell him that before he starts somehtig he hasnt done before anbd finds out it isnt possible :slight_smile:


I heard of a speedo gear i changed them out when i put the 373 in both the 91 and 93 :dunno :dunno


what about an 03’?


'03’s need a spped cal to correct for gear changes, or a chip.

Never heard of that other thing Bro.


sounds about right cause the 91 isnt quit as computer oriented as the new ones are :smiley: :dunno