Whats for dinner tonight?


chicken, rice and spinach


still waiting for her to settle down even if my stomach is rumbling…


chicken tacos


taco salad




Tonight, I had frozen pizza for supper.

The pizza was spinach and goat cheese pizza. I liked the spinach. But I thought the goat cheese was a little too strong tasting for me.


Will probably cook hamburger.

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Tonight for me it was spaghetti and meatballs for supper. And I wore my apron since I didn’t want the sauce to get on my shirt.


Probably buffet at a restaurant.

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Meatless dinner for me tonight.


Tonight it was breaded salmon for me. I also had a salad, which I have most nights.


I had pizza


Pad Thai and sweet potato


Salmon, broccoli and sweet potato.


Hamburgers cooked on the outdoor grill is what I had for supper tonight.


grilled chicken and whatever else (I’m taking tomato, cuke and onion salad) to a bbq gathering next door.


Tonight for me it’s meatloaf and pasta.


I had tacos.


Tuna melt on whole wheat with carrot and celery sticks, potato chips…
Iced tea.


Fish and rice