Whats for dinner tonight?


BBq chicken and spinach


Chicken, broccoli and brown rice.


We are having some kind of stir fry or dinner today unless that change. I am pregnant so most of the time in the morning what we are having for dinner isn’t accurate until dinner time.


Both sound good. I’m having fried chicken, coated with smoked paprika for that extra kick. I use buttermilk instead of egg wash, then salt, pepper and flour. Finish it with a side of steamed broccoli which I lightly saute with garlic and onions. :smiley:


Turkey, sweet potato and green beans


Im eating apple pie for dinner. I like apple pie.


Grilled ham and cheese sandwichs ,chips, granola bar.


Turkey, dressing and spinach and cranberry sauce


We are expecting stormy weather tonight. I just started a pot of homemade stew.


hot turkey sandwich and fresh fruit




Chili and chocolate chip cookies.


curried chicken thighs and steamed vegetables.



Some turkey steaks with salad on the side.
Easy, healthy and delicious! :slight_smile:


turkey, Acorn squash, and Pumpkin pie


I usually don’t eat rice for dinner. Tonight I only ate wheat bread chicken sandwich (with mayo, chicken strips, pickles and lettuce) and fresh orange juice…I am always on a healthy diet :slight_smile:


Tonight’s dinner was ramen noodles and sweet tea. It’s a budget/cheap Friday.


Made a tray of baked ziti with meatballs and sausages for a family gathering later. The house smells soooo good!


I’ll be making this again.
Pan seared tuna, rice and green beans.
Orca Bay has a really good [B]spice rub [/B]to use on the filets.

brown sugar, salt and pepper, thyme, paprika, cumin and cayenne pepper[/B]


Leftover pasta for dinner tonight with a small salad and a glass or two of white wine.