Whats for dinner tonight?


hot beef sandwich, mashed potatoes and green beans


southern pot roast


Scratch that idea up there.

My friend Vera and her hubby invited me (AND the dog) over for Sunday dinner. LOL!
Roast, carrots and potatoes… salad and dinner rolls.
It was delicious.


My family loves to eat fish, therefore, I had some fried fish and vegetables tonight for dinner. I’m not a big fan on fish, but it’s good for you.


Pork lo mein with pork fried rice.



Fish tacos



chicken alfredo pasta and green beans


I am going out with one of my best friends from work.
She wants to go to the diner for breakfast food.
I’ll probably have a soup and sandwich.


Thinking about baking a haddock loin with beets and corn.


chicken and acorn squash


I had a stake with rice and a big vegetable salad. I would have liked a pizza, but I need the proteins and good fats offered by meat and the vitamins from veggies.


I’m having ham sandwiches and french fries.

Not time for cooking a full dinner today :expressionless:


I had soft shell tacos




Lemon marinated salmon with brown rice and garlic steamed vegetables. Sounds fancy, but only takes around 30 minutes to make. The lemon adds a lot of citrus sour flavors. The garlic vegetables add a kick. The brown rice gives a hearty foundation for a great, lean meal.


pot roast, carrots, potatoes.


Sauteed chicken thighs, green beans, brown rice. Now having a cup of cinnamon decaf. Yum!


Today I kept it real simple just because I was too lazy to cook something time consuming. Ate some sausage, cheesy rice, and peas on the side. Very simple but satisfying at the same time.


Meatless dinner here.
Baked potato, peas with pearl onions.


l ate leftover chicken & rice with some vegies & am still hungry