Whats for dinner tonight?


hot beef sandwich, peas and a large green salad.


Ham and rice pilaf casserole is the plan.


peanut butter and jelly sandwiches again


Either chicken piccata or beef stew.


FoxInSox is what’s for dinner.
Very Yummy.


I had steak and a baked potato.


Zucchini fritters and hot chips.


Pork chops, wild rice and lots of veggies.


I have Chicken Express fried chicken that cost me get wet under a heavy storm that caught me in the way back home.


pork roast, carrots and acorn squash


I made a small tray of baked ziti.




chicken, rice and peas


tube steak and and a side of rump roast


pork roast, applesauce and spinach


Turkey, squash, dressing, spinach and of course pumpkin pie


I had some ducks, lobster, and some vegetables for dinner tonight. I went to eat out with my parents, which we had good times!


Hot turkey sandwich, and salad


Since I am on sit down shut in confinement a friend brought me some turkey and stuffing last night. Was a great change of pace since we did not do a meal on Thanksgiving.


BBq pork ribs and mashed potatoes