Whats for dinner tonight?


Grilled turkey slices on sliced french bread

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had a buffet in California Mo.

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green beans, salad and lasagna


Buffet in California Mo. Again






had it


Hmm will have lamb roast with roast veggies like potatos, carrots onions and a mix garden salad


Tonight I had pork chops, broccoli, stuffing, and apple sauce.

I must admit it was quite good.


probably peanut butter and jelly
and some boiled potatoes and pork n beans


Tonight I had lasagna for supper.


Roast potatoes, mix garden salad , and some beef rissoles, and chicken wings on the bbq.


Pizza and chicken strips

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Tonight, I had lasagna again, this time as left overs from last night.


Bread crumb chicken.

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Tonight I had a Five Cheese Pizza.

It was awesome.


Chicken Korma with boiled white rice


Fish ‘n’ Chips… boomshakalaka.


I usually have pizza for supper on Sundays. But I wanted to do something different. So I’ll be having mac and cheese instead on this Sunday night.


two packages of good ol reliable Bird’s Eye rigatoni and vegetables with tomato parmesan sauce lol