Whats for dinner tonight?


I’ve just put into the oven, coconut and lime chicken breast with spicy sweet potato wedges. All made from scratch.


Tonight I’ll be having a good quality steak for supper with broccoli and corn on the side.

I’m looking forward to it!


Beef stew with rice and rocket and spinach salad


Tonight for supper I had American Chop Seuy and a salad.


Beef burger sauted with onions and whole kernal corn with butter/dill steamed potatoes.


Tonight I had microwaved hot dogs.

I should have cooked them on my outdoor grill instead.


Last four days were Eid festival holidays which will continue until next Monday…

had many of these dishes …and some last night
Spicy but yummy!
Why don’t you try some??




Pork Roast and Veggies


nothing special, nobody cooked the dinner tonight for me,had chum chum only


Tonight for supper I’ll be having leftover chicken and cheese pizza.


fried panready halibut with chips…and ofcourse tartar sauce


Chinese…pork lo mein, pork fried rice and steamed dumplings.


Chicken Tikka, sheesh kabobs, Makhni haandi, Malai boti with nan, fresh salad and Raita!!




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OK that made me hungry, I can do that it is lunch time


Tonight I had chicken drumsticks covered with bread crumbs.


Tonight I had meatloaf, stuffing, and corn for supper.


I had fish,coleslaw and fries.


For me tonight it was merely clam strips that I heated in the oven.


Kettle corn popcorn.