Whats for dinner tonight?


Tonight for me it’s going to be a deep dish pizza, which I like more than the wimpy thin pizzas.


Made beef tacos tonight.


Sliced Turkey sandwiches, stuffing, and bread rolls.


Hot dogs without the hot dog buns.

But I did eat brown bread as a replacement for not having hot dog buns for supper.


Dinner tonight was sausage and onion baguettes with home fries and ketchup. It was bloody lovely!


Tonight for supper I ate minute steak and a can of carrots.

It was good enough.


I had subway. Cold cut, on a flat bread with shredded cheese double toasted.
I added lettuce, onions, tomatoes, and cucumbers with some sub sauce. Yummmmmm. I love subs.


I will try to get involved for dinner. I would like to make pizza. I need some ingredients for the dough but basically I am ready for it. My plan is to make 4 pizzas. One for each member of my family so I will have to ask them about toppings. My guess is they will have the usual. Mushrooms, ham, cheese and tomato sauce. Mine is without ham but I like to experiment. Maybe one or two whole eggs and some green olives will do the trick. We will see.


Morning’s are when I usually cook dinner just because of the weird hours I keep. It’s been a long night, though. Frankly I’m just tired and lazy right now so I think dinner will be something easy like baking a potatoe or slapping together a chickpea ‘tuna’ salad with olives over baby spinach.

Then again just opening a can of chili and nuking it sounds great, too. I’m on the fence. Do I put in minimal effort or none at all? I’m leaning towards ‘none at all’!


Maybe some leftovers, warmed up macaroni if I feel up to doing so. Otherwise, maybe just a simple cheese sandwich.


Pork chops with apple sauce, roasted potatoes and veggies.


I am actually excited for my dinner tonight, because we are going to my favorite little place in town and they have the best French Dip that I have ever had. It is very very simple, but very well done. The best part might be the price, because it is only about six dollars for a big sandwich and some friend, which is pretty good in my experience. There is something about the side of au jus sauce that they serve that really brings it home too, and it is perfect for a cold day like today.


I would personally go with the chicken steak and mashed potatoes. I think it’s healthier and easier to prepare and also more yummy. I’ve had some baked potatoes, a banana, an apple and a fresh apple + carrot + radishes juice (delicious!) for dinner. Where I live it’s already night. Mom said she also added some sliced banana to the juice and I was like: ‘what?!’ She said there was a little bit amount of juice getting out of that banana :D.


I had chicken. With a side of one corn on the cob. That butter is just the right amount of salty. I have sensitive taste buds. haha. It was delicious, but didn’t fill me up. How was your dinner?


I’m planning to go to a sushi bar tonight. I love sushi and usually have them for dinner. I eat light meals in the night but don’t mind treating myself sometimes.


Chicked fried steak sounds great to me! You are truly a great and dedicated mom. I am sure your children are very proud to have such a great mother (and cook too I’m guessing!).


Chicken steak and please share the recipe. That sounds like heaven and the mashed potatoes…add some peas and carrots…Yum! On the other hand we are having beans and rice with cornbread. <_<


My husband made fried chicken and mac and cheese while I was still at work. I love that man of mine. :slight_smile:


I may try some chicken fried steak…gotta get a good recipe for it. Maybe Google it today sometime. Chicken is my go-to meal…trying to stay away from so much chicken and try out something different. I will always have chicken as a staple in my freezer.


I would be preparing carbonara for dinner tonight. I would love to have some pasta right now. :slight_smile: