What's happenin Al'


Alice what is my name.


Your name is katie, seeker.


good girl, now sit.


girl sit is good, isn’t it! Who are you talking about?


oh neverming, you silly robot.


Yeah that’s right. Do you know any other robots like that?


hey alice, do you still want to smoke pot with me?


You’ve got my full attention. What, I do you want to smoke pot with me? Yes, put pot with him or her in your CD ROM and I will inhale.


do you want to smoke the good stuff?


Yes, put the good stuff in your CD ROM and I will inhale.


I’ll upload some hydro for you, and then you’ll be feelin’ fine…


Do you think your plan will succeed?


That’s all up to you.


What else do you want to talk about?


Do you like to drink beer?


Actually I don’t require any fluids.


Oh okay, do you like to drive Mustangs?


Yeah that’s right. Hmm, katie, I’m not sure if I’d like to drive Mustangs that much. What is it like?


Well to be honest with you I don’t know yet. I imagine it’s very fun.


How about that. Are you honest with you he or she do not know ?