Whats in your garage?


This is going to be long.

2001 Integra Type R -252 hp
2004 NSX -452 hp

Aston Martin
2003 DB9 Coupe -512 hp

2003 TT Coupe 3.2 Quattro -375 hp
2002 RS6 -632 hp

2003 M3 CSL -445 hp
2005 M5 -674 hp
2005 330i -259 hp

1962 Buick Special -874 hp

2003 C12 -718 hp

2000 Camaro SS -615 hp
2000 Corvette Z06 -579 hp (SC)

2004 Crossfire -300 hp

2003 SRT4 -269 hp
2003 SRT10 -1032 hp

2005 Mustang GT -505 hp (SC)
2000 Mustang SVT Cobra R -477 hp
2005 Ford GT -716 hp
2002 Focus RS -220 hp

2003 S2000 Type V -466 hp
2004 Civic Type R -369 hp
1998 Civic Type R -260 hp
2003 Integra Type R -441 hp
1990 CRX SiR -200 hp
2001 NSX Type S -416 hp

2001 Tiburon GTV6 -361 hp

2003 G35 Coupe -357 hp

2002 S-Type R -532 hp

2004 Elise 111R -331 hp

2002 RX7 Spirit R Type A -401 hp
2004 MX5 Miata -304 hp
2003 RX8 Type S -442 hp

2002 E55 AMG -683 hp
2004 SL 65 AMG -709 hp

1978 MIRAGE 1400 GLX -82 hp
2004 Lancer EVO 8 - 551 hp

2003 350Z - 486 hp
2000 Skyline GTR Vspec II -336 hp

2003 Series 1 Supercharged -617 hp

2000 Civic Type R (EK) -268 hp

2002 Impreza WRX Sedan -473 hp

2003 Golf IV R32 -339 hp

2004 GTO 5.7 Coupe -593 hp

2002 S7 -731 hp

There’s my garage for GT4 on PS2. I’d get an Xbox for Forza, but I don’t think I’d like it as much… even though the game play is slightly better with damage and you can mod the exterior, etc.


I dont have any video game players ( i dunno if thats what you call them) But i used to love GT2. lol. and 1 of course. My buddy just bought Fornza. I think thats what its called… says it better than GT.


in real life:

dont have a garage, and if a carport counts, a stock 1999 mustang gt, 260 hp (so ford says)


I’m with the e-Lemonator on this one. I don’t have that kind of garage, but my carport has a 19’ Bayliner under it. Not to mention about 7 bicycles, countless numbers of kid’s toys, patio furniture, a grill, some trashcans, a kiddie pool, and a yard swing. Our carport is the central headquarters for about 8 sets of neighbors, so it’s the “happ’nin’ spot”


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dont play that game… but in my real garage, I have a bunch of boxes because joe hasnt unpacked th garage yet.


A bunch of garbage :smiley: I park outside :dunno


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Are you and Joe moved into your new house yet? Was there a thread about it? I probably missed it.


lol, we have been moved in for the last 2 months! lol. you are alittle behind. :wink: :lol


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I just remembered. :smiley:


yea shes just saying that he’s lazy, thats all. :banana :dunno


exactly!!! lol


= t3h lazy.

it took the sheer dehydrated thirst for me to get off my ass to go get my pop the othe day. :smiley:


i read a thread all about that. lol