What's the best decision you've made in your life so far?


I keep coming here hoping to find some distraction from all that’s going around me, but… where is everybody? I thought maybe some of you are looking for something similar so here’s a simple question: How old are you and what is the best decision you’ve made in your life so far?


This is a tough question lol. But ig in a theme of being happy, which I think you’re trying to get lol, the best decision I’ve made is taking a bunch of AP classes. I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to pass the classes I’m taking now and the one’s I’ll take next year, so when I pass them I’ll be able to start halfway through my sophomore year at the college I want. I’m 17 and a junior btw lol.


Haha, I did the same thing back in HS. I think I took a total of 10 by the end of my senior year??? I ended up finding out in college that some of those classes were unnecessary as they overlapped (e.g., AP Chem overlapping with AP Bio, AP US History overlapping with AP World History when I needed just one of each subject category for my major) but it definitely boosted my GPA, my academic credibility, and got me the AP Scholar award to slap onto my college apps. Saved me a chunk of money and time in college too and was able take a lighter load each semester as I had most of my gen ed classes out the way. Best of luck with your studies!


I am 22 years old. The best decision I have made was choosing to go to the university of Crete without knowing anybody and start from zero my life there. I have made some brother-like friends and my life here is better than that I could have wished. I am very happy with what that choice have given me.


Yeah, by the end of my senior year i’ll have taken 14 AP classes, so hoping I can pass them all haha, but, thank you!


I am still a college kid, even at 51… but THE BEST decision I’ve EVER made was This: When I was 20 years old and had just completed 2 years of Jr. college, and dating my girlfriend for 5-6 months, she came to me one day to announce that she was pregnant!! WOW, I thought at that very critical, life-turning point in my life and being the naive person I was at the time, looking through “Rose colored glasses” and knowing I was “In Love”… As soon as she told me that news… I immediately said, “Well, we better get married then”.
I have a BIG family, I’m Catholic and I hadn’t really comes to terms at the time, that my sexual interest [s] were to come to fruition until about 3 years later, after that decision! So, My BEST decision EVER, was to to say yes to the most wonderful son in the world, my son Michael.

As tough as the next 3 years were, I can truly say looking back at my life, that I would do it ALL over again!
• Had I been more self centered, I would have pursued the actual facts (Which I was in denial of, yet found out later from my wife at the time, that she purposefully stopped taking the pill, and SHE felt guilty and ‘needed’ to tell me the truth). I’m NOT sure she did me a service by telling me the truth! lol
• Point is! THAT I made the right decision and I can now say that it was the best decision EVER!

My son Michael is 30 yrs old now, has two sons and a beautiful wife and is doing very well for himself!
I couldn’t ask for anything better!
I’m proud to be a young Grandfather too! :wink:

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…And I’m glad that my girlfriend at the time, made that decision! …There are no regrets held!


Dropping out of 6th form at the end of year 12 and going to a military prep college.


The best decision I’ve made in life so far is the fact that I’ve tried lots of things. As both a volunteer and a paid employee, I’ve worked in lots of different fields. To name a few: radio stations, hotels, restaurants, libraries, nursing homes, a community TV station, and more.


Honestly, probably making a Reddit account.

Okay, seriously now, going on my school trip abroad. Was my first time traveling w/o my parents, and there were some hiccups but it was great. It was also the first time I got buzzed (but not the last one :wink: ) so that’s fun too I guess.

I suppose my second choice would be when I decided not to commit suicide. I was at a program in Boston and I’d been dealing with a shitload of stress. I almost jumped off the roof but didn’t. Later in that program I met the first girl I’d fall in love with, and while we’re no longer dating, without her I wouldn’t have made it through a lot of tough times (I’m sure she’d say the same for me). Actually, now that I think of it definitely that second one


Ka1serTheRoll, I’m glad you chose to not commit suicide and I’m glad you overcame the stress that was bothering you at the time.

Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.


Thnx m8. Yeah, depression is a bitch. I’m doing a hell of a lot better now tho