What's the best oldest movie you've ever watched?

Gone With The Wind and Wizard of Oz…

& u…?

Harvey made in 1950, it’s in black and white and I love James Stewart, he’s one of my fav actors.

Funny Face with Audrey Hepburn, oh and also Sabrina, the original one.

Psycho is another great, Hitchcock as a director rules.

North by Northwest is a classic to me!

Horse Feathers by the Brothers Marx (no, Karl is not one of their relatives!!!)

The original Manchurian Candidate

never saw the original…but great actors in it…Angela Lansbury.,Sinatra…

If you get a chance, it’s well worth the time to see :thumbup

Oh I love the Bellboy which has Jerry Lewis in it, it’s funny because he never utters a word until the very end, hehe.

last Christmas I bought my wife the entire Jerry Lewis catalog…

saw the remake with Denzel Washington

Yeah he’s one of those guys which I can’t get tired of, even though it is completely cheesy. :smiley:

The Greatest Show on Earth was one movie as a kid I could watch over and over and over again :24:

Freaks (1932)

Freaks - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

It’s A Wonderful Life :nod:

The Great Dictator
Citizen Kane
The Maltese Falcon

I am a huge old horror movie fan (somewhere around 1500 horror DVD’s from the old school). I would say the oldest is Dracula starring Bela Lugosi and that’s from 1931. :smiley:

Metropolis. :thumbup

1921 right? That is OLDDDDDDDDD. :smiley:

Laurel and hardy films are great.

Silent film… it was amazing for it’s time. 1927 to be exact. :wink:

I’ve read a lot about it and I want to see it.

It’s excellent… I was really impressed. :thumbup