What's the most evil cereal box mascot?

Hands down it’s Count Chocula. What kind of a freak lures kids into his dark, remote castle in the middle of nowhere to eat cereal? Chances are that he’s either drinking their blood or…well…doing what you would expect a lavishly dressed, slender limbed foreigner with a serious mad on for kiddie cereal would do with a bunch of kids locked in his castle. The Fruity Yummy Mummy is a close second though, not because he’s evil but rather because he’s a dried up corpse trying to sell breakfast food. How the hell does a human being cheat the icey grip of death who returns to life as an animated corpse in some lavish Egyptian ceremony suddenly decide to hock cereal? It’s damn suspicious.

He comes on all friendly and interesting, but he only wants to probe you.
[SIZE=1]and can you really trust a Quaker?[/SIZE]


the purest good super hero is wenzel, the cinnamon toast crunch guy.

but evil… i’d have to go with lucky. lucky’s pretty evil. one day he’ll snap and reenact the leprechaun movies.

The Trix Rabbit is a thief.

The Cocopops monkies are a bunch of nonces!:smiley:

Tony the Tiger.

He rapes children off the set. On the set he seems friendly and wise.

Lucky the Leprechaun from Lucky Charms.

He’s the devil in disguise and his cereal is naaaassttty!

I say it’s Sadam


Captain Crunch is a pirate. He robs ships for a living, then slaughters the crew. Watch your children.