Whats up with my avatar title


thats funny. i know there is a guy with a ranger on here but i beleive we are cool. hmm who else that has those options would have done that? im also guessing we can havve sig pics anymore. i though it was just because it was an s10 at first, bu is ee lemon doesnt have his either.


I know the guy with the ranger on here, better than everyone else even.

He’s cool with everybody. lol


Go into your profile and turn on the “show signatures” option. For some odd reason, they turn themselves off once in a while.


:agree and check with one of your buddies from work. im sure they had something to do with it.


none of them are mods. did they request it and im missin the thread or did they pm somebody on the dl. thanks for the sig advice


He’s talking about the title above his avatar, not his avatar or signature.


well the only thing i see about a sig being “on” is where it says always attach my sig and thats on yes so?


Re: RE: whats up with my avatar title

yeah i know. thats why i said check with his buddies from work. maybe cronus or DT3 paid the 1500 tokies for the title change.


Always enable Smilies: Yes No
Show Avatars in Topic: Yes No
Show Signatures in Topic: Yes No

where it says “show signitures in topic” make sure yes is checked


ah i didnt know u could do that. definately dt3 then that little bastard


got it thanks


you should spend the tokens and pm Vshayes and change his.


i gotta come up with somethin good


<–the Ranger owner :wave


Re: RE: whats up with my avatar title

Hey now, I’m still in the room, geez


haha i got u good u fucker


Ouch man, that’s fucked up! I’ve been losin weight like it’s cool for that weigh-in next week. After that, the title will be true!


S10s are for queers, check out cronus298’s new one


u should have put im a pimp online, not xbox live. u know its all in fun. just a little motivation for yah