Whats up with your life?

just curious to see how all the people i compete with everyday in these wonderful games are doin with there everyday lives and other stuff about ya… write me back :smiley:

My life is pretty simple. I work nights 7p-7a but only 3 nights a week…12 hr shifts. Got a husband (which I will be married to 10 yrs May 9th) and 3 kiddos. If Im not at work, at home, then you can bet I am at Wal-Mart. lol

I work mon-fri 8-5. Just bought a house, fixin it up, sleeping, drinking DP, smokin camel menthols and chillen out after washing my civic.

cool grats on 10yrs mrs. behavin… im still in school hah so life is pretty basic for me still just studying alot only a sophmore and im plannin on goin to a really good college so i can get a good job and do a little better then my parents are doin so i figure working hard wont hurt. besides that i play some computer or just play some halo or chit chat a bit on aim and i play baseball, basketball, and do some soccer so my whole year is taken up my either studies, computer, or sports.

Coming up for 5 years of marriage, missus has CFS and I stay home and look after her, hence why I’m always PWing on here!

Sounds like you got a good head on your shoulders. I wish you the best.:smiley:

Im divorced recently- have 2 kids- work for the sheriffs office here…and thats about it.

oh… and this is my site. :wink:

i’m not married yet… but i write, i draw and paint, and i am a musician (i play the piano)…
I am writing a sonata, too, and it’s gonna be so popular, everyone’s gonna want it, and it’ll be sold in CD stores across the world! so yeah.
please, no-one meddle with my fantasy

im 24 engaged since last decemeber, have a baby on the way (boy/girls?) we dont know yet, i work 6pm to 6am every sunday, monday, tuesday and every other saturday at a super max prison…life is great i cant copmlain…and i did no tmake this site, but wish i was more envolved;)

I’m am 16. A junior in high school. I’m single. Recently got out of a three year relationship. I’m not doing much with my life right now. just worring about school. Oh I did apply a our local Jerry’s store yesterday. Now the long wait :frowning:

28… married with 2 boys. 8 and 5. Just moved out of New Jersey after living there all my life. Bought a brand new house in Tennessee. Hoping to start our own business. Right now, just getting used to the calm, easy going life style here, instead of the fast pace one I am used to.

i’m 23 married. pregnant. and i burnt my finger.