Where is everyone!?!?




ive been in and out today. Today is my first off day in 7 days, so I have been trying to catch up with things I have been putting off. Anyways, Ill be in and out all day. :slight_smile:


Working…stopping in every now and then. :smiley:


Sittin at the office with nothing to do today. I think I’ve worked a whole half hour today.


Re: RE: where is everyone!?!?

welcome to the working world :smiley:

if you mosey on over to the games section youd see what i did lately


difference is is that i’m a road tech. I go everywhere else, but today I had one job (fixing a jack) and now i’ve been sitting here for almost 4 hours… doing basically nothing.


im around. this is my friday off (i get every other friday off) and i havent done shit except cash my paycheck.


I’m here and there


getting ready for homecoming weekend, then the big weekend… Halloween :booze


i was crying cuz you took so many of my damn trophies today




i was switchin internet services cause verizon couldnt get the DSL back in my area until nov. 8th so i was with out the internet for a while until i decided to get comcast instead. but im back now. :tard


glad you are back!


thanks V :hug


I just forgott about coming here for a while :tard I have been sleeping and going to school.



was busy this weekend…i got F**KED UP. my best friend and his g/f came down on thurs, and stayed with them fri night at her parents’ condo on the beach. it was great. we drank from 4pm-2am(on Fri) then, for some reason, 1 roommates laptop wasnt working with internet when i came back Sat, so, yesterday was the first time ive been online since Fri morn.


hey zeke how did it go with the diner girl you liked?


gee, THANKS FOR REMINDING ME. j/k. guess she didnt wanna do anything. didnt see her there for 2wks, so, either she was off work, or worked in the afternoon. either way, i went there 2 Sundays ago, and she came into work @ 9. i had gotten there @ 8:20, and i was finishing up b’fast, so, i stayed and talked to the waitress i had, cuz she knows im a regular too. so, we were talking, and she walked away. well, i looked over, and Shannon(the girl whose number i had gotten) happened to look at me as i looked at her…this is the WHOLE conversation: Her: “Hey, how are ya” Me: “good. you”. she didnt reply. THAT WAS IT. FUCK IT. im done. ill talk to her, but, im done. im going back into my lil world. stay home and play ps2 all the time. so, i ask you, where does being nice get you ?? NOFUCKINGWHERE !!! but, thanks for asking man.


LOL. sorry to open up the wound. i guess its true nice guys finish last. woman our ages dont seem to want nice guys but im pretty sure when they get older and more mature they probally want to end up with a nice guy. dont sweat it man. youll find someone a million time better then her anyway. just hang in there.


I was here then there now I’m here again